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The Liberal Media Unites to Stop Romney

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With many of the polls and much of the momentum trending for Mitt Romney, much of the mainstream media is in full-panic mode as they work overtime to tilt the "news" in favor of Barack Obama.


For a recent example of such bias, one need only look at the October 25th edition of USA Today. On their front page was the headline: "Economists see less pain in 2013."

Even while pushing such an Obama-friendly headline, their own facts belie the trumped-up prediction. Of the 48 "economists" surveyed, 83 percent said the economy will actually stay the same or get worse. A percentage which would track with the beliefs of most Americans, who for the first time in their lives, fear their children will have it worse than them.

Maybe instead of spinning dubious numbers and headlines to benefit team Obama, the editors at USA Today might better serve their readership by talking with various mayors, county officials, and governors to hear how the corrupt public-employee unions are not only bankrupting their budgets but literally robbing from the desperately poor and crumbling infrastructures in the process.

Next, in this national paper on the same day we have not one, but two major headlines about how Republicans are destroying their election chances because they happen to be pro-life and their "opposition to abortion rights for victims of rape and incest."

Like most of the liberal and compromised media, USA Today chose to cherry-pick two controversial comments from Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin and Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (two men who could still win by the way) and attempt to hang them around the neck of Mitt Romney and the GOP.


No surprise there. As my former boss and friend Bob Dole once told me: "If World War III were breaking out tomorrow, liberal reporters would still ask Republicans about abortion."

From there, USA Today blares the headline: "Romney skips entertainment TV."

Could that be because almost all of the shows and their hosts are far-left and openly support Mr. Obama? Clearly either USA Today thinks its readership fools or simply doesn’t care what they think as they openly put their thumb on the scale for the president.

In the story, the USA Today "reporter" not only seems to praise Mr. Obama for going on such shows as "The View," "Late Show with David Letterman," and "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, but question the judgment of Mr. Romney for logically avoiding the programs. Really?

As the reporter and her editors know, some of the hosts of these programs -- such as David Letterman, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jon Stewart -- have made no secret of their deep affection for Mr. Obama or their distain for conservatives. On the far-left extreme you have the likes of Mr. Letterman and Ms. Behar who seem to spew irrational hatred of conservatives, the Tea Party, or the Republican party in general on a daily basis. On the less extreme side of left-leaning hosts you have Jon Stewart and Jay Leno who will at least take their team to task from time to time to make a point or get a laugh.


Whether these hosts are far-left or simply liberal, most Americans understand why Mr. Romney steers well clear of these shows. Just as they understand why USA Today -- and most of the mainstream media -- is working so hard to create a false issue.

Again, these examples are just from one edition of one liberal newspaper on one day. A "newspaper" -- like ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and a majority of the top newspapers -- which bases much of its hiring not on qualifications or experience, but on political correctness, diversity, and a liberal bias.

Knowing that, while understanding that these "news" outlets will be unethically shaping their "news" coverage to favor Mr. Obama until the last second, it's almost jaw-dropping to realize what Mr. Romney is up against in the closing days of the election.

Fortunately, in large part because of this disgraceful liberal bias, a majority of voters are going to send multiple messages by electing Mr. Romney the next president of the United States.

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