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Secession? Yes. From Those Who Would Destroy America

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In an article that ran recently in The Washington Times, the Montana Secretary of State made it quite clear that he and many of the elected officials of his state take the rights granted by the Second Amendment very seriously.


In response to the news that the Supreme Court is about to hear oral argument regarding the District of Columbia’s ban on gun-ownership as defined by its twisted interpretation of the Second Amendment, Montana Secretary of State Brad Johnson said in a letter to the newspaper, “The U.S. would do well to keep its contractual promise to the states that the Second Amendment secures an individual right now as it did upon execution of the statehood contract.”

Mr. Johnson refers to the fact that back in 1889, the people of Montana came to agreement with the federal government: They would join the union, and in return, the United States would agree that individuals had the right to bear arms. Should the Supreme Court somehow rule in favor of the District of Columbia, then many Montanans feel their deal with the United States will have been broken.

When the article first ran, I got a number of phone calls and emails because the word “Secession” was employed by some to describe The Washington Times story. The reason that mattered to me is because last year I authored a novel entitled “America’s Last Days.” The novel imagines a revolution from within orchestrated by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the former Director of the FBI. Two men who believe that the United States is in a death spiral from which it won’t recover. Two men who believe that in order to preserve traditional values and safeguard and honor the sacred documents handed down to us by the Founding Fathers, they would have to carve out two states within the United States to form a new country. One of those two states being Montana. The other, Wyoming.


As people called or emailed, I was asked what I thought about secession. My immediate response was, I believe in it.

I believe we need to secede from politicians who would weaken our border and compromise our national security to pander for Hispanic-American votes.

I believe we need to secede from politicians who clearly don’t think we are a sovereign nation.

I believe we need to secede from politicians who are working behind the scenes to make the United States part of the “North American Union.”

I believe we need to secede from those who target conservative talk radio while enabling groups that front for Islamists.

I believe we need to secede from a media and presidential candidates who continually and purposefully question the strength of our economy so they could create a self-fulfilling prophecy designed to help elect a liberal president.

I believe we need to secede from politicians and a media who denigrate or ignore the multiple successes of our troops in Iraq, so they can further their own liberal agenda.

I believe we need to secede from politicians who would use appeasement as their main defense against the terrorists who mean to exterminate our nation.


I believe we need to secede from activist liberal courts and politicians who seek to attack those who home school while working day and night to remove God from our nation.

I believe we need to secede from the prophets of “Global Warming” who would prefer to bankrupt our nation, scare our children, and insult and terminate scientists who question their conclusions, rather than engage in reasoned dialog.

I believe we need to secede from a left-of-center media that controls basically the top 100 newspapers in our nation, as well as the three major television networks, and all but one of the cable networks.

I believe we need to secede from an entertainment industry that systematically exposes our children to the vilest forms of smut, so they can first, make a profit, and second, indoctrinate as they seek to subvert the morals, ethics, and character of our nation.

I believe we need to secede from politicians who don’t believe in appointing strict-constructionist judges to the Supreme Court.

I believe we need to secede from politicians and their boot-lickers who tell conservatives that they should subvert their beliefs for the greater good of the party.

I believe we need to secede from politicians who don’t believe in lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.


In short, I believe we need to secede from any and all who say that conservative principles and an adherence to traditional values no longer matter.

If we compromise and accept the continual blurring of party lines and the left’s definition of our future, then not only have we lost our way, but we have lost our country.

Secede from the madness. Vote and advance principle.

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