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Trump Haters: Blinded By The 'Right'

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I was watching a very angry conservative on TV the other day attempt to paint Trump as Satan’s blonde-headed younger brother.  

They also tried to make out anyone who claimed to be a conservative, that would ever remotely even consider voting for The Donald, to be the dumbest SOB on the planet... the bane of humanity.  

This person was angry, peeps.  It was scary, shark-eyed, weirdness.  They were sold on Trump being evil incarnate.

The weird thing was, if my memory serves me correctly, I don’t remember this talking head getting that irate about Romney in 2012.  Matter of fact, I believe they stumped arduously for Mitt going into the general election.   

Y’all help me here: aside from the color of their coifs, please thrill me with what’s the big difference between the twain other than Trump’s way more aggressive against Islam, for more stringent border security and way more anti-Obama/Hillary than Mitt ever was. Also, I’m pretty certain said person also tried to sell us on McCain and they were very pro-George W. Bush. Go figure. Anyway …

The disturbing thing to moi was the rage combined with the unwavering conviction that they were right on every issue and, if you disagree with them, I guarantee they’d spew more f-bombs in your face than Gary Oldman would if he ran out of espresso and cigarettes.

This made me reminisce back to a group that existed a few years ago who “knew” they were “right” on every issue. 

This group was extremely conservative, pro-life, and pro-Ten Commandments. Regarding their religious practices …holy moly…they were extremely devout. So devout that they make me look like a lush with my penchant for my amazing cigar line, dirty martinis and warrior movies. 

This crew tithed a tenth of every thing they made, fasted once week out of every month, and memorized the Bible.  Indeed, these people hated evil and had a zero tolerance policy for any religious or political leader who showed one scintilla of compromise with their “worldview”. They were right, dammit.  And God help you if you every drew their ire.  

One man, who was also earnest and pretty conservative, but approached things way differently than they did, decided to take them on, and not only did they verbally blast him but they ended up killing him. The man they killed was named Jesus and the conservative group that had him offed was the first-century Pharisees. Yep, JC could not live up to their standards as a leader.

Speaking of standards for leaders, I wonder if those conservatives who're currently crapping on Trump, who’re looking for the perfect leader, would back the following leaders that God did? Check it out…

-- King David shagged Bathsheba (another man’s wife) and then had her husband offed. Would conservatives vote for him?

-- What about Moses? Moses killed a man, married a black woman, and had massive anger issues. Can you say “deal breaker” for most conservatives?

-- What if Samson were on the ticket? Samson dated a hooker, killed Cecil The Lion, and had long hair. Can you imagine the melee that would ensue should some candidate have this Nazarite’s track record? OMG. Scandal aplenty for the fastidious among us. But…he was God’s choice and his Judge to lead an ancient Israel for a time.

-- What about Abraham? This old patriarch constantly lied about being married to his wife. Not. Very. Presidential.

Then you have Jesus’ fab twelve whom he chose to change the planet that were an amalgam of rough-cussing fishermen who resembled the crew of Deadliest Catch. And don’t even get me started on John The Baptist, who ate bugs and wore a camel skin.

And the list could go on and on regarding the massive and weird incongruities of eccentric men who were utilized to shake and shape nations for righteous purposes.

Bottom line: good luck finding Mr., Ms., Miss or Mrs. Perfect when voting for president. And by your standards you might as well start practicing saying President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

One more thing: I will vote for either Trump or Cruz depending upon who gets the nod. Also, and pardon my redundancy, but don't forget the wizards at the National Review told us Romney & Ryan were groovy. How'd that work out for them?

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