Rachel Dolezal: Is A Dude Playing a Dude Disguised As Another Dude

Posted: Jun 14, 2015 12:01 AM
Rachel Dolezal: Is A Dude Playing a Dude Disguised As Another Dude
If you’re a conservative comedian then OMG … did Jesus hand you some comedic gold this past week in the form of a white chick posing as a black chick who's been heading up an NAACP chapter in Spokane. If that’s not a gift from heaven then I don’t know what is.

Yep, this past week the NAACP’s Rachel Dolezal got busted for playing like she’s some sort of Jackie Brown character for the last several years. Her parents were the ones who called bullshit on Rachel's ruse, stating that she hails from German, Czech and Swedish descent; which means this Lauryn Hill wannabe is uberwhite. I’m talkin’ titanium white. Pippy Longstocking white.

However, according to her and her apologists, we judgmental jackasses should pay that “no nevermind”, because, in Obamaland, especially with the yummy progressives, DNA means diddly and what you feel you are, well, that’s the deciding factor.

For instance:
  • Bruce Jenner says he’s a woman so … abracadabra … poof… he’s a woman. By the way, why would a handsome man want to look like an ugly, white, hulking strudel-hun?
  • Elizabeth Warren thinks she’s a native American Indian so … by golly … she’s an Indian.
  • Chris Christie thinks a conservative so Chris clicks his heels twice and boom ... he’s a Republican. Isn’t this game of make believe so much fun?

Look folks, truth be told, we all like to believe we’re someone else; but we usually stop doing that around our third birthday. Except for me, of course. I thought I was Mike Reno of Loverboy all the way up until my 18th birthday when the reality hit me that I was a pathetic, dope smoking’ doofus who worked at a gas station in Lubbock, Texas. The upshot is I outgrew my delusion, whereas Pippy Longstocking is still holding on to her horse-crap like GI Joe with the kung-fu grip.

As stated, pretending to be something one is not isn’t new to the human collective. This malady has been going down since the dawn of man.

Normally, if said person wouldn’t relinquish their role-playing into adulthood we wouldn’t make them leaders but would rather scrape their frontal lobe, sit ‘em in a rocking chair and let them spend their lives on a Psych Ward’s front porch talking to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. We sure as hell wouldn’t parade them around as “courageous leaders” and veritable protagonists for evolving humanity.

But that’s all changed.

Indeed, in today’s milieu of “facts be damned”, if what you stand for somehow champions the cause for the Left’s ludicrous grievance industry, then they will take your twisted person and push you forward as a means to their progressive end.