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I am forbidden to critique BHO and his boys on anything they say or do. Yes, if I do utter anything derogatory regarding his holiness it is immediately dismissed because of four primary reasons. Herewith are the raisons d'être of why I cannot decry señor Hussein.

Reason #1: I am white. How do I know I’m white? Well, aside from my skin color, one telling mark of my Caucasian-ness is that I have Hall & Oates on my iPod (I always set the treble up higher than the bass) and, of course, my Florence Henderson tattoo. If that ain’t white, I don’t know what is. Since I’m white I’m not allowed to disagree with Obama because that’d be hatred. It’s true. It’s science.

Reason #2: I’m a conservative. How do I know? Well, I like people staying the hizzle out of my business; I believe the government is not my friend and should be under more scrutiny than Lindsay Lohan’s urine; I believe in nuclear weapons—lot’s of ‘em (but only for us); I believe in getting rewarded for working my butt off, and if I wanna distribute my wealth to whomever, that’s my beeswax; I believe that Adam and Steve is not a viable substitute for Adam and Eve; I believe that babies’ brains shouldn’t be vacuumed out of their skulls while they’re in their mother’s wombs; I believe our founding docs are superb and have made us exceptional as a nation (and I believe that those who offend them are enemies of the state). The aforementioned beliefs make moi the devil. Being Beelzebub, it is verboten for me to get verbose with BHO.

Reason #3: I like Jesus (the one in the Gospels, that is). Since I believe in orthodox Christian doctrine and don’t believe the black liberation psycho-drivel freak schlock that mixes Christ, communism and racism into a cultural cocktail of unworkable white-hating weirdness, I am the bad guy and can’t volley an invective at anything the Left doeth because of my whitey white-based spiritual blindness—thus saith the HuffPo.

Reason #4: I’m a man. At least I think I am. Hold on, let me check … Yep, I’m a dude (whew!). And because I’m a white, conservative, Christian man who’s a provider, protector, hunter, and hero, that makes me so very jacked up that I’m forbidden to weigh in on how Obama is waylaying our land. But personally, I’m cool with being dissed. I’ve spent the better part of my life being ignored by angry dwarfs, so I’m used to it.

Indeed, I can’t say shizzle when it comes to anything negative about BHO. As a matter of fact, neither can blacks like Michael Steele, Lt. Col. Alan West, or Kevin Jackson. Why can’t they say diddly regarding our 44th train wreck? Well, it’s because of all of the above except for the white stuff.

Indeed, according to Ben Jealous and Kanye, Mr. Steele, Mr. West and Mr. Jackson are Uncle Toms who’ve sold out to the white devil and work “on his plantation” and are thus disallowed and discounted when they float their thoughts on Hurricane Hussein.

This past Monday at a tightly-orchestrated “town hall” meeting, however, a pretty black lady who’s a middle class liberal (and who bought Obama’s spiel and voted for his backside) came out and laid the verbal sword to Barack, whittling him down in an unscripted moment for what he’s done to our nation in what I believe will historically top Joe the Plumber.

Velma Hart, a hard-working wife, mom and veteran said to BHO’s face (ouch) that his economic accomplishments were more like punishments and were a “deep disappointment” to her and didn’t even come close to the smack he sold her and millions of others who believed his tripe during his campaign. And I quote:

“I've been told that I voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. I'm one of those people, and I'm waiting, sir ... I'm waiting, but I don't feel it yet.”

She said she was sick of bee-bopping and scatting for Barack, “exhausted” with defending his defenseless decisions and really not looking forward to going back to her lean days of “franks and beans.”

Ouch. Snap.

Again, this came from a calm, cool, middle class, black, liberal woman who voted for the vapid one.

Now, I have a question for the darlings of the Blame Stream Media who discount Caucasians’ criticisms: Does this critique count? Huh, Keith, Chris, and Rachel? Is that crickets I hear? Is it okay for her to lay her glove on his glass jaw? Or is her rebuke to be discounted as well because she really wasn’t a black lady at all but Rush Limbaugh in a black woman suit. That’s it!

I believe that this past week Mrs. Hart verbalized the angst that many, many blacks, and not just us white devils, are feeling as it ever so slowly begins to dawn on them that the one who promised them the moon has instead mooned them.

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