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The Blame Stream Media and the Sherrod Charade

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It’s been interesting of late to see which race-related stories the Blame Stream Media© (or BS-Media for short) chooses to cover. 

Let me see if I have this right: When it comes to reportage, the BS-Media’s thinking goes something like this …

1.      Let’s ignore the incendiary, anti-American 9/11 “Truther”-spewer with direct ties to the president. Whom doeth I speaketh of? Green Jobs Czar and Marxist radical, Van Jones? No, but now that you mentioned him, they also blew off reporting on his radical roots.

I’m talking about the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. You remember, the white-devil-hating, heresy-generating, nuttier-than-a-squirrel-turd, 20-year spiritual “mentor” of our 44th El Presidente. Well, that little nugget got crickets from the BSM. Crickets, sheeple. Crickets.

Yep, not only did the Blame Stream Media and their blogospheric ilk dispense with the racially rank Wright story (that’s “story” with a capital S), but the darling dispensers of progressive propaganda, as we discovered this week, conspired together to divert attention away from how close the President is to this pastor who, according to Dennis Miller, is so batty he sleeps upside down. Yes, through omission they attempted to deceive us cattle. Thanks, BSM, we’ll return the favor on November 2nd, 2010.

2.      Second on the list of gargantuan, racially-charged stories that the BS-Media chose to disregard until they were forced to mention it because South Park, Jay Leno and the Daily Show had jammed their face in it (and their kindergarteners were asking them about it) was the insidious societal skid mark known as ACORN.

How that $8.5 billion story, rife with money laundering, tax fraud, home loans for whorehouses and 13-year-old El Salvadoran sex slaves—complete with a faux pimp and prostitute and undercover videos—escaped the BSM’s notice is beyond me. Oh, and not to mention that ACORN was pretty handy dandy in registering felons and dead people to vote for their Euro-Socialist wannabes …

What’s that, you say? It didn’t get covered because it didn’t fit the BSM’s narrative and also happened to be on BHO’s short resume? Oh, okay. I get it now. I thought news was news no matter whose head rolls. I guess not. Stupid me.

3.      Third on the No Fly Race Story list for the Blame Stream Media is the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation vomit where NBPP baton wielders were found not guilty by the DOJ of voter intimidation after they had been found guilty by the DOJ of voter intimidation. Whew, I’m dizzy. I gotta sit down.

Yes, two black dudes, the same two cats who are proudly on tape calling for the murder of Caucasians and their kids for a NatGeo special, were, again, caught on tape blocking and shouting racial invectives at honkies at a Philly voting station (while armed). 

That crap seems worth at least a blurb on the evening news, wouldn’t you think? Well, if you would, you’re dead wrong as far as the Blame Stream Media is concerned; there are no conservative or Christian white devils to pin the tail on. Duh.

Heck, the DOJ’s own J. Christian Adams (white devil) gave testimony of Eric Holder’s new mission statement of “let’s let all the black guys slide,” and you hear nary a peep from the BSM. 

Look, you don’t have to be Jesus to know that if the races were reversed in that biased Black Panther/DOJ drama the Blame Stream Media would not stop decrying that corruption until the cows came home … like home from Uzbekistan. Oh, well. I guess the BS-Media’s motto is: We distort. We decide.

So, exactly what does the Blame Stream Media report on with John the Baptist-like zeal when it comes to the race stuff? Well, it’s things like the false allegations against Tea Partiers dropping the N-bomb on Rep. John Lewis and the supposed “racism” of Fox News and Andrew Breitbart in this week’s Shirley Sherrod charade. 

Let me see if I can follow the BS-Media’s bouncing ball of logic: Breitbart and FOX News are racists because the NAACP and the USDA shredded Sherrod without watching the entire tape? Even Breitbart’s edited tape and column (watch it and read it slowly, morons) has Shirley’s “redemption from racism” bits in it if you would have cared to watch it. “Snookered,” Mr. Jealous? Please. You crucified one of your own, as Shirley would say, without doing due diligence, and now it’s somebody else’s fault? You’re a great role model—not. Blameshifting is Habit #2 in my 2007 book 10 Habits of Decidedly Defective People. I see you’ve read it. 

If I were Shirley I surely would be ticked and pointing my lawyers at someone, but it would not be Andrew or Ailes; it would be Vilsack and Ben Jealous. Yes, Shirley, it was the first Black President’s USDA op and the, uh … I believe the predominantly black … NAACP that were the ones to viciously fire you and hammer you without hearing you out.

Oh, and by the way: Beck never condemned Mrs. Sherrod, and O’Reilly immediately apologized publically to her after his mistake, which is more than she’ll ever see or hear from Matthew Perry lookalike Rachel Maddow or her epistemological man twin Keith Olbermann.

What did we learn about the left this week from the Journ-O-Lists that’s applicable here, serfs of Obamaland? Well, we learned to just label the Right “racists” if everyone starts hating your pusillanimous politicians, eh Blame Stream Media? 

You progressives have no viable answers for our vicious problems; your policies suck; your congressional approval ratings are lower than the teats on a pregnant dachshund; the president’s approval ratings are a close second; you’re losing voters in droves. So … what do you do? Scream racism! Blame, blame, blame. I can’t wait to hear Charlie Rangel blame Bush or some white dude for his career of corruption. You wait … it’s coming.

I, personally, would like to get back to Paul McCartney’s dream of ebony and ivory living together in perfect harmony. In addition, I’d like to get off this Sherrod topic and start trying to figure out whom we can vote in for 2010 and 2012—be they black, white or an orange and peach swirl—who’ll fix all the jacked-up things this socialist and his comrades have done to our great nation.

Oh, and before you leave, check out King Samir Shabazz’s new music video, “Shabazz, Shabazz,” sung to the tune of Ricky Martin’s song “She Bangs.” Turn your speakers up and click here.

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