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Unless you live on the oil-saturated bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, you’re probably well aware that our President, who happens to have skin thinner than that of an Iberian Ribbed Newt, fired General Stanley McChrystal for committing the unpardonable sin: He told the ugly truth about Obama.

Now, before I get flooded with emails about the impropriety of a general criticizing the commander-in-chief, let me remind you that most of you crying “foul” said squat when active duty General Eric Shinseki and other retired generals did that to W and Rummy when they were in office. Yes, I believe instead of howling “off with their heads!” you reveled in the generals going rogue on George. I believe you hypocritical dorks called the Bush dissenters “patriotic truth tellers.”

So, why did McChrystal publicly say that Obama is dealing with things that are, how shall I say, above his pay grade, to a liberal magazine like Rolling Stone? Hell if I know. I’m not bulimic. I can’t read minds.

One possibility is that this is Stanley’s way of repenting to the nation for voting for this nabob. Or perhaps he was simply upholding his oath to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. Who knows?

One thing that’s for certain in the utilization of the Stones mag is that a lot of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga fans heard from the horse’s mouth that a four-star general, one whom Obama cherry-picked for the war in Afghanistan, one who actually voted for him, now thinks the community organizer has been elevated to a level of incompetence.

Yep, if that intel didn’t go out on a wire like Rolling Stone then the real story of Barack’s ghastly mishandling of Afghanistan would go untold to the non-Fox watchers as McChrystal tumbled under the oncoming Obama bus. Providence made certain that negative info went out to Lefties, uncut … to which I say, sa-weet! That’ll have reverbs at the polls this November.

Y’know, in the grand scheme of things, the Rolling Stone interview might prove to be more strategic than tragic for McChrystal and the war in Afghanistan. McChrystal jumping on the grenade is making BHO and his paramours in the MSM sit up and take notice that they’re not taking notice in regard to this heel-draggin’ conflict in Afghanistan. In addition, I smell a Tea Party tour, a regular spot on Hannity and Bud Lime commercials for Stanley.

I’m sure Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal can empathize with McChrystal as his state’s beaches morph into a Jiffy Lube drip pan while Hussein golfs and does duos with the cute Beatle. Similarly, I’ll go out on a limb and guess that Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer can equally empathize with the general; she’s not only been blown off by Barack, but Obama’s suing her state for upholding federal laws on immigration.

So, what’re the walk away lessons for me from McChrystal’s McHiccup? Well, it goes something like this:

1. Speaking the truth can be costly.
2. We should grow a pair and speak out against Obama’s fecklessness.
3. Obama may have been able to fire the General for speaking the truth, but he can’t fire America. No, on the contrary, we can “can” his backside and those of his stripe come their respective election days, and we should for the way they have mismanaged all the major issues touching our nation.

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