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Hunters Against Obama

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You know, I’d love to believe that Obama is cool with guns and hunting, but when the nation’s largest and most radical group that wants to ban hunting thinks he’s peachy, it makes this middle-aged redneck think that maybe Barack is full of B’crap and his “pro gun/hunting” spiel is just another con job spun by the King of Obfuscation. But that’s just me.


This past week Obama added to his rogue gallery of support groups another radical band of anti-American spirit lunatics. No, I’m not talking about an additional endorsement by a new terrorist group or Black Muslim faction, or pro-abortion loon, or another communist cabal, or an extra Castro/Chavez-like dictator but rather the Humane Society (HSUS).

Y’know, opposites might attract in love, according to Paula Abdul (and who are we to question her wisdom?), but that’s not true in elections. Special interest axe-grinders look for sympathetic co-belligerents in their cause, and the Human Society found one in Obama and not in McCain/Palin, chiefly because Sarah puts the bam in Bambi and McCain favors fishing. I can’t live without either.

FYI to all those not in the know: The Humane Society is not a placid gaggle of folks who are just about rescuing flea-bitten puppies and kitties and then cutting their balls off. This society is also rabidly anti-hunting. Yep, if these now official bedfellows of Barack had it their way, hunting—like OJ’s career—would be a thing of the past.

Check out these sentiments from HSUS’s moist-eyed president Wayne Pacelle . . .

“If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would.” – as quoted by the Associated Press in Impassioned Agitator, December 30, 1991

“Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting. Our opponents say hunting is a tradition. We say traditions can change.” – Bozeman Daily Chronicle, October 8, 1991


According to www.NRA.org,

“Pacelle knows that he has a proven friend in Obama after his support of Senator Ted Kennedy's legislation that would have banned virtually all rifle ammunition used by America's hunters. If successful, the legislation would have ended the vast majority of all hunting – a fact not lost on HSUS.

In Congress and state legislatures and city councils around the country, HSUS lobbies to defeat every measure that expands hunting opportunities for the country's sportsmen. It says it opposes only the most “barbaric and inhumane” hunting practices. What it doesn't say publicly is that HSUS believes that all sport hunting is ‘”barbaric and inhumane.”

There's never been a hunting ban or restriction that HSUS hasn't actively supported. It routinely lobbies to:

- Prohibit the use of traditional lead bullets and shot for all hunting;

- Prohibit urban and suburban archery deer hunting programs;

- Prohibit bear hunting in a number of states including New Jersey, Colorado and Alaska;

- Replace traditional hunting as a wildlife management tool, with expensive and unproven contraception programs;

- Retain Sunday hunting bans in states like Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia;

- Ban the hunting of doves, the most widely hunted game bird in America; and

- Ensure that emotion, not science, dictates wildlife management practices

In addition to its anti-hunting efforts in the public policy realm, HSUS uses its enormous financial resources to regularly file lawsuits to stop hunting and the scientific wildlife management practices that recognize hunting as an essential tool. A recent example of this came when HSUS filed lawsuits that successfully closed millions of acres of wildlife refuges to hunting. This is despite the fact that Congress has determined that hunting is one of the traditional activities that should specifically be encouraged in refuges.”


Y’know, there’s a bazillion reasons, give or take, why I don’t like the Jobama ticket and a few reasons why I don’t like McCain. But as a long time hunter and fisherman, I have to say that a politician who’s in the tank with and receives cash from anti-hunters and is presumably expected to give them a big back scratch if elected is officially on my pro-hunting/pro-gun kiss my backside stink list. And . . . drum roll please . . . this time around, that would be Barack Obama. Yep, McCain gets my McNod.

And lastly to all the sportsmen and gun owners who still get giddy about Barack, you need to drink a café Cubana and wake the “H” up. Take a long, hard look at his true voting record and his anti-hunting buddies who think the world of him and then ask yourself, “self, are you insane?!?”

I’ve got to run now and finish prepping for my aoudad sheep, pronghorn antelope and wild boar hunt this week on my good buddy Bob’s 18,000 acre ranch in the wilds of West Texas. We will dedicate the harvesting of all the mature trophy animals to the Humane Society, PETA and their bent frame followers.

Additionally, we will toast these morons as we eat our prey’s backstraps under the big sky and donate the rest of the juicy meat to charity so that others, who currently can’t hunt (yet), can enjoy the high protein, low fat spoils of our sport.

God bless the hunter and hunting, and I hope to see all my pro-hunting and pro-gun brothers and sisters turn out in record numbers at the polls November 4th for McCain and Palin. Vote your gun, boys and girls, you might need it one day—and not just for venison.


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