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AP Photo/Lindsey Wasson

Watching these progressive mutants on college campuses protest the existence of Israel in favor of a group of terrorists, you can’t help but be struck by a couple of things. First, Democrat really hate Jews. Seriously, any anger they express toward Hitler is over his failure to “clean the world,” not the attempted slaughter of an entire group of people. Second, they’re really stupid. How many of these pathetic excuses for humans do you heard chanting things they know nothing about? And third, these people desperately seek validation from others for whatever their latest mental malady is. Taken as a whole, a life of identity politics is a sad, pathetic existence you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

When I was growing, I realized I didn’t give a single damn what other people thought. Sure, there were some people I loved and respected – friends and family – who, were I told by one of them that I’d crossed a line; had gone too far or simply looked like a moron to them, it would have mattered to me. I put temporary dreadlocks I’d seen on House of Style in a stoned stupor because it seemed like a good idea at the time. It didn’t last long thanks to my friends, who metaphorically smacked me across the face with reality and made me look in a mirror (not pretty). 

But in general, I didn’t care. I still don’t. You don’t like what I’m wearing? Too bad. Don’t like what I’m saying? Sucks to be you, plug your ears or leave. I don’t need the approval of others for anything, I know who I am and that’s enough.

Sadly, too many people are desperate for the approval and acceptance of others. They NEED the validation from people. It’s almost like their lives have nothing in them if they don’t get a knowing nod or a look of approval from someone else. They can’t live unless their “diversity” was celebrated. 

I have a couple of problems with this. 

One, existence should not be celebrated. You exist, so what? Everyone exists. That’s not an accomplishment, and you should only really celebrate accomplishments. Existing is something over which you had no say and no input. It’d be like someone demanding to be congratulated for a tree; a tree they didn’t plan or ever water. Why? 

Sorry, you aren’t special for existing. Look up any definition of the word “special” and you’ll see you’re not it, no one is. You aren’t unique either. There are 8 billion people on the planet, your configuration is repeated thousands of times, at least. The only thing that separates you from anyone else who looks like you, is about as intelligent as you are, etc., is what you do with it. 

What you do with what you have are your accomplishments. Celebrate them, not who you sleep with. 

Sorry, gay people, no one cares who you screw. It’s not important and shouldn’t be celebrated. Do something that doesn’t involve you having an orgasm and maybe people will care, but if who you screw is in the top 10,000 list of important or interesting things about you as a person, and you’re not Travis Kelce, you need help. Of course, Travis Kelce isn’t gay, but you get the point.

It used to be that people wanted to be left alone, which was good. Now it’s “Look at me and celebrate me, whatever it is I’m doing.” Sorry, you aren’t worth it.

These are desperate cries for validation, likely because their parents either didn’t love them enough or loved them too much. Whatever the case, our culture doesn’t need to be your Stuart Smalley mirror. You aren’t important or special unless you do something good that is important or special. Come to terms with that and your life will become much, much better.

Maybe that will come with age, I don’t know. Like I said, aside from occasionally trying to impress a girl, I never really gave much of a damn what other people thought. It was a choice, a good choice. It kept me from looking like a moron in front of my world or the whole world. And I didn’t grow up in a time when everyone had a video camera in their pocket to capture me looking like a moron – maybe not participate in a “protest” if you have no idea what it’s about or what you’re saying means? 

I’m not going to celebrate your diversity, not because I’m some sort of bigot, but because it’s not worthy of celebration. And neither are you, if that’s all you’re bringing to the table.


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