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This week’s dive into the Democratic Party’s fundraising emails is even more disgusting than usual for reasons I’ll get to in a bit. But first, like a bad penny, the left simply can’t get rid of Nancy Pelosi. She’s running for reelection because of reasons. There are so many scumbags on the left already, what’s one more sticking around a while longer?

Pelosi, the real leader of the Democrats in the House – let’s be honest, Hakeem Jefferies is both dumb and ineffective, only getting the job because the left’s identity politics demanded it (but do you think he wields any real power? Hell no, Nancy still pulls the strings) – and she sees no one on her side capable of doing the job. Either that or she really hates her family, or they hate her. How else do you explain someone who’s magically seen their net worth increase into the hundreds of millions of dollars while a “public servant” deciding to spend even more of the few remaining years of her life literally just about as far away from her family as she possibly can while still remaining in the United States? 

I have no doubt that whatever the problems in the Pelosi family are, they’re mutual. If someone wanted to spend more time with mom, grandma, or wife, they’d make the case reasonably solidly. But do you really think anyone has made the case? And people like Nancy don’t raise people others would like to be around either, at least in a personal capacity. They’d work for them, they’d use them for access, but can you imagine Nancy Pelosi having a hand in creating anyone you’d enjoy being around? Of course not. And neither would she, apparently. 

Pelosi wasted no time in using her announcement to dive into the wallets of the dumb to bankroll her. She wrote, “I just announced my campaign for reelection – because at this critical moment in our country’s history, we need to show the world that our flag is still there, with liberty and justice for ALL. Everything we hold dear is at stake in the next election – equality, opportunity, our most essential freedoms, and American Democracy itself. The support of Democrats like you will make all the difference in what happens next in the American story. So I’m personally asking: Will you chip in to renew your 2023 Team Pelosi Membership right away?”

The subtext of that is clear: The current Democratic House leadership is worthless; they can’t live up to my standards, so I’m not doing anywhere. They can have the titles; I’m keeping the power. 

Why won’t this old, wealthy white lady let the black man do his job? More to the point, why aren’t the members of the party that see racism everywhere seeing it here? 

Because it’s all for show, just as it’s always been. The entire Democrat Party cries racism when it suits them, like the crowd at a college football game does the wave, but they revert back to their roots and become a Klan rally when the subject of Clarence Thomas comes up. 

They have a hive mind. How else can you explain Jefferies happily deferring to Nancy on everything? Everyone there knows their place, and even the once rebellious AOC has fallen in line. 

But promised plural scumbags, so it can’t just be Nancy this week. She’s joined by David Trone, one of the richest people in the House, who is running for the Senate here in Maryland. 

Trone is just kind of gross, having used his daughters in abortion ads when he first ran a few years ago in a way that came off like he hoped they’d get some. Now he’s running for Senate and using the overdose death of his nephew to raise money.

The email contains a picture of Trone holding the kid when he was very little because Democrats are just that gross. Imagine talking to one of your siblings and asking them to use their worst day as a ploy to raise money for your campaign. Imagine doing that knowing you have a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars. What a scumbag. 

And since he’s a scumbag, he has no bottom to hit in his scumbaggery. He concludes his email with this, “Mitch McConnell's super PAC is preparing to spend hundreds of millions to flip the Senate in 2024, and we need to be ready to fight back with everything we've got. David Trone knows that the path to holding our Democratic Senate majority runs right through Maryland, so he needs our support.”

Democrats will win that Senate seat easily, no matter which leftist moron they nominate. The balance of the Senate has zero to do with what happens in Maryland. 

So, dance on the grave of your nephew for a few bucks, then flat-out lie to the people you want to max out their credit cards so you don’t have to dip into your personal fortune. Scumbags, thy name is Democrat. 


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