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There is condescending, and then there is political condescending. One thing to know about the political class – from the elected officials all the way down to the people working in the mailroom of party headquarters – is they think everyone, not them, is a moron. In a lot of cases they are right, there are a lot of morons in the country (Hell, that Democrats win elections anywhere is evidence of that). However, the rest of the country is not. In order to fund their operations, Democrats attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator and end up doing so in the most pandering, condescending ways.

California’s hairdo and scumbag Governor Gavin Newsom (seriously, the guy had an affair with the then-wife of one of his “best friends.” Talk about a scumbag) sent out a fundraising pitch for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that opens, “Since President Biden announced his reelection campaign sixteen days ago, we’ve seen the 2024 Republicans double down on their worst, most dangerous ideas.  They are stumbling over one another to be the first to advocate for national abortion bans, reject common sense gun laws, and make it harder to raise our voices and exercise our right to vote.  Republicans have no fear bragging about these positions because they’re catering to the most extreme fringe of their party. These values are totally out of step with those of the American people.”

Ever notice how Democrats always casually toss around the idea that anything they don’t like is “out of step with the American people” but when they lose things like, say, control the House of Representatives or referendum votes, they ignore those unambiguous reflections of the “will of the American people” and plow ahead anyway? There isn’t a single poll anywhere showing anything close to majority support for the physical butchering of the bodies of confused children, yet they still ram that down people’s throats everywhere they hold power. The party of “this is what democracy looks like” sure looks a lot like their authoritarian forefathers (oops, I mean forepersons) in Germany, Russia, China, etc.

“Regardless of who Republicans select as their presidential nominee, we’ve got a tough road ahead,” Newsom concludes. “Even the most extreme candidate will receive the full backing of the Republican Party and the weight that comes with it. They’ll have endless resources from dark money groups and wealthy, well-connected donors. The only thing standing between those interests and the White House is this grassroots campaign. So, Derek, if you’re able, make a $25 contribution to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign today. It’s going to take all of us in this fight to defeat extreme Republicans in 2024.”

Yeah, uh, no, Gavin. I’ll be as faithful to Democrats as you are to your friends.

Further down the condescension hole we find Patrick Stevenson. Who is that? The “Chief Mobilization Officer” for the DNC. (“Chief,” really? Culturally insensitive?)

Stevenson wants you to know what they do with all the money they take from suckers, lest you feel these people are living the high life off the backs of the poor and middle class (they really are). 

His email opens, “’What will you do with the money if I donate?’ I’ve been at the DNC for a while now, and when I get the chance to talk to supporters, this is often one of the first things I’m asked. It’s a fair question, Derek! If you’ve had this question on your mind, I want to give you a look into what the DNC is doing -- right now -- to support Democratic campaigns and win elections. If you already know what the DNC is doing and where your money is going, I’d really appreciate it if you’d chip in $7 to support our critical work. If you want more information, that’s what I’m here for. Keep reading.”

Ooh, Patrick is about to give us the inside dope, right? Nope. 

“We mention ‘electoral infrastructure’ a lot in these kinds of emails, but let’s dive into exactly what that means,” Patrick continues. “Infrastructure is everything from dollars and staff, to data and tech tools, access to our continuously updated and ever-growing voter file, voter protection, and so much more. Everything and anything that goes into making a campaign run is infrastructure. Thanks to the DNC’s infrastructure (and folks like you who helped us build it), campaigns can easily prepare for that transition and get straight to work. If campaigns had to do all of this on their own, their work to win votes would be delayed, and time is a precious resource for campaigns. The DNC wants to make sure that candidates are doing what they do best -- talking to voters and getting their message out there.”

Not exactly the most detailed explanation I’ve ever read about campaign spending. But fear not, the a-holeish condescension has arrived to make it all better. He starts closing his email with, “I know that was a lot of writing, Derek. But I’m giving you all this information because we need dedicated supporters like you to know that your hard earned money is really making a difference.”

What, in the DNC world, constitutes “a lot of writing”? The whole email was less than 500 words (472 to be exact). Maybe an email a couple of times longer than the average Dr. Seuss book is too much for Democrats to handle, I don’t know. But it would explain why their supporters haven’t wised up yet, wouldn’t it?


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