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If someone is complaining about a headache while smacking their head into a wall, you would suggest to them that they stop smacking their head into the wall, right? If they don’t stop, at a certain point you have to stop caring about the pain they’re complaining about, don’t you? You can only suggest that someone stop inflicting pain on themselves, you can’t prevent it because you can’t control them, nor would you want to. In the United States, people are free to make, well, stupid decisions. So, when you see anyone, from an individual to an entire state, acting like a lunatic hell-bent for self-destruction, all you can do is advise them not to do it and explain why. After that, just get out of the way and hope you don’t get hit with the shrapnel. That’s what we have to do with the modern Democratic Party.


There was a time when I’d hoped someone over there would stand up to the insanity; tell the mob to go chase themselves and offer up some semblance of reason for what I imagine is a large swath of the party dumbfounded by what the party of JFK has become. How, after all, could grown adults collectively “forget” what a woman is? How could they sit silently while others, in their name, advocated for the sterilization and mutilation of children? How could people who’ve succeeded by every outward measure insist that the very system that enabled them to rise to the top, financially and/or economically, is “rigged” against what they had done?

Surely someone would stand up to that insanity and capture the votes of what would have to be a majority of Democrats, right?


Joe Biden could have. He’s senile, but he does know what a woman is. He’s never been caught on camera groping or sniffing any young boys, only lots of young girls. He could have stood up in 2020 and denounced, in a Sister Souljah way, the mantra of the left that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and everyone who disagrees with that is a racist themselves. He didn’t. 

Rather than pull a Bill Clinton (who, for all his many flaws, had great political instincts), Joe pulled a Biden. He embraced the lunacy – taking the easy path to the nomination by cutting deals with other candidates, getting them to drop out to defeat Bernie Sanders. That pigeonholed Joe and the Democrat Party to the radical, hate-America left. That was easy for Joe to do, he never really believed in anything other than his own ambition anyway, but it screwed over a lot of the country.


Rather than allow for the prospect of semi-sane Democrats to regain some hold on power in the party, it gave the whole thing to the fringe. I firmly believe the majority of Democrat voters vote that way because of legacy – “My parents were Democrats, my grandparents were Democrats, and we’re Democrats” – without having the first clue what the party has become. The average person doesn’t pay attention closely enough to realize the party of JFK not only wouldn’t come close to nominating him today, they wouldn’t even afford him a daytime speaking slot at their convention. Not because Kennedy knew what a woman was (and really liked them), but because he was anti-communist and loved the country. There is no room for that over there anymore, especially the second one.

Now, the Democratic Party embraces destruction, not just of Republicans, but of their own too. There’s never been a political party actively working to harm their own voters in the name of anything, let alone “justice.” Releasing violent goons, freeing them to terrorize their base, decriminalizing almost everything short of murder (give it time) that drives retail and grocery stores out of both wealthy and economically depressed areas they control, and demonizing anyone who dares to express a dislike of junkies and feces overrunning the streets. 


Amazingly, there are still no Democrats standing up to any of this. San Francisco is losing people and businesses at an alarming rate for a wealthy city. It takes a lot of a company to abandon one of the richest areas of the world, yet that’s where we are. As if to give the people and companies hurting the finger as the city burns, San Francisco 5th District Supervisor Dean Preston is now pushing to prevent private security guards from being able to defend property from destruction and thieves with legal, licensed handguns.

Human life is more important than property,” Preston said. It is…as long as it’s not your property. It also is odd to hear someone from the political party empowering junkies by decriminalizing or legalizing hard drugs, thereby creating the appetite for thievery to feed that addiction, talk about how important human life is. Putting aside the abortion irony, what kind of life is sleeping in a tent on the street in-between highs while marinating in your own filth? It’d be one thing if they were actively working to get people off the streets, but they’re burning calories defending people’s rights to be out there, not helping them get clean.

These areas of left-wing control are hell on Earth and getting worse, being made worse proudly by Democrats. And they keep electing Democrats, crazy Democrats charging hard toward the deeper bowels of insanity. If there are large areas of a city normal people can’t venture into, if the crime and harassment at every intersection for money aren’t enough to change voting habits or even inspire any semi-sane Democrats to stand up to the destructive power structure, then it’s time to let them destroy themselves. 


You can’t stop someone from banging their head on a wall and complaining about a headache if they want to bang their head on a wall. All you can do is make them aware of cause and effect, then walk away. Let them knock themselves semi-conscious, or out, we can’t keep caring. It’s time to move to contain the insanity we can no longer cure, let it run its course without seeping into normal areas of the country. Let Democrats destroy each other until they stop banging their heads against the wall on their own and ask for help. Then – and only then – should we consider helping.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.


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