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The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

In the world of political fundraising, there are deadlines, and there are deadlines. Every three months campaign must file with the Federal Election Commission how much they’ve raised and from where. Every month they do the same, just on a smaller scale; the “quarterly reports” get reported and either show the strength of a campaign or its weakness. Each of these deadlines leaves a lot of time in between without a sense of urgency, real or imagined (because who really cares when money comes in as long as it’s coming in). Enter the “mid-month deadline.”

There is no such thing as a “crucial mid-month deadline,” it’s entirely made up to create a sense of urgency where there is none. But between April 13 and April 15, just from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Governors Association, I received 15 emails about this “important deadline.”

The new leader of Congressional Democrats and longtime racist Hakeem Jeffries sent two. “there are just three hours left before the DCCC’s mid-month deadline -- and we’re still $25,000 short of our critical goal,” read one, “That’s why I’ve set an ambitious $125,000 mid-month goal to support the DCCC -- and I’m counting on your help to meet it before time runs out in just 24 hours,” read the other. 

Does that mean Jeffries milked suckers out of $100,000 before sending that last email? Of course not. There is no deadline, and there is no reporting required, which means there is absolutely no way to know if the claim is true or not. There’s also no requirement that fundraising emails be honest and accurate, or else everyone in politics would be in jail. 

In addition to having to live under them, these are the people who make the rules too. Do you really think they’d put in place obstacles that make their lives more challenging or risk their own paychecks?

“Hi Derek, it’s Meghan,” opens an email from the DGA. “I know we’ve emailed you a couple of times over the past few days, and I am sorry to reach out to you again – but when reviewing supporter records, I was disappointed to learn that you haven’t taken advantage of our exclusive mid-month match offer. With just HOURS left until our April mid-month deadline, we’re dangerously close to missing our goal – which would put us behind at a critical time in the election cycle.”

Who is Meghan? She’s Meghan Meehan-Draper, executive director of the DGA. Why is this nobody signing fundraising emails? Who knows? Not sure who would give to someone they’ve never heard of, but when you’re scamming people on made-up deadlines, you’re not dealing with the most intelligent people on the planet, whose email matters less and less the lower down the IQ chart you get.

“This is your last chance to chip in before the 11:59 P.M. deadline,” Meghan warns. “Please don’t miss this opportunity to have your donation matched up to our $25,000 goal.”

There’s that number again: $25,000. This whole “mid-month deadline” has every group scrambling to meet their goal and falling just $25,000 short. 

Curiously, over the three days the DGA and the DCCC emailed in a panic, the amount needed to reach their “goal” remained at $25,000.

On April 13, the detestable Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s name was invoked by the DGA to say, “Derek, please, before 11:59 p.m. Saturday, will you answer Gov. Whitmer’s call and rush $3 to elect Democratic governors? Every dollar will be MATCHED up to our $25,000 mid-month goal!”

That email from Meghan came on the 15th. Does that mean they raised precisely zero dollars over that time? If that goal were so “crucial,” you’d think that number would have shrunk; you’d think the mega-donor sitting there ready to magically “match” those donations would’ve coughed up some extra cash to make sure their entire house of cards didn’t collapse on itself. You’d be wrong. 

They count on people not paying attention and only opening occasional emails – enough to get someone to add some more debt to their credit card but not enough to catch on to the scam. That is the basic premise on which the entirety of the Democratic Party’s fundraising infrastructure exists, and it’s probably the most telling thing about the left you can possibly imagine. 


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