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Ron Edmonds

In the political fundraising game context is everything. If you think dealing with a lawyer on anything can be a pain, and “the fine print” is real, what the grifters running for office do puts them to shame.

Remember during his deposition in the Ken Starr investigation, when Bill Clinton pulled the, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”? You probably do because it was absurd. Billy was arguing that he was telling the truth when asked “Is there a sexual relationship between you and Monica Lewinsky?” and denied it because “is” could mean two things: there is and never was (which would have been a lie), or there is not currently (and since she wasn’t performing on him at the moment, he argued, him denying it was not lying. It’s gross to think about, but you get “gross” when dealing with a Clinton. 

Forgotten in that debacle was another doozy Bill told under oath. Essentially, he testified that he’d never really been alone with Monica because there were other people on the planet. Asked about ever having been alone with her, he lied. Asked about that lie later he said he didn’t feel alone because there were a lot of people in the White House and around it on the National Mall. Yep, look it up.

That level of “honesty” set the tone for Democrats going forward, and it’s only gotten worse since. When you leaders aren’t bound by any semblance of reality, why the hell should you be?

Democrats are on the verge of retaking the House, to read their fundraising emails. “We’re only FIVE seats away from FLIPPING the House and retaking our critical Democratic Trifecta,” reads one email, “We have just been handed a ONCE-IN-A-GENERATION opportunity to strike while the Republicans are in complete and utter disarray -- and make their new House Majority one of the SHORTEST in history. That’s why we’re calling on our top Democratic supporters to rise up with a $3 gift, build the support we need to retake the House, and hand the GOP a STUNNING defeat. Can we count on you?” says another. My favorites are the ones that cite random polls they imply, coupled with donations, will flip the house back now, almost 2 years before an election. Not sure what Democrats have planned, but I don’t think it’s the vaunted “democracy” they’re always screaming about.

I also love this one from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, “it’s DCCC Executive Director Julie Merz -- and I have thrilling news. Today we won a critical special election in Virginia’s 4th District and took the first step on the road to winning back our House Majority. I’m so proud to report that efforts in this critical election paid off and that Representative-elect Jennifer McClellan will soon step foot in our nation’s capital as the newest House Democrat.”

Big victory, right? Not really. It’s a seat that was held by Democrats, won by them in 2022 with 65 percent of the vote, but the guy who won, Congressman Donald McEachin, died so they had a special election. It’s a Democrat district no one thought would flip. But if you didn’t do a little research, if you just read the email, you would have thought this was some kind of major victory. 

These people lie. 

Some rich leftists named George Whitesides, who is extremely white judging by the picture he put in the email, wrote, “In a moment, I’m going to explain to you why I know we can win this race. Republicans flipped this House seat from blue to red in 2020 by just 333 votes and with you by my side I know we’ll flip it – and the House – back to Democratic hands.”

What district was so close? Well, that one in 2020. In 2022, however, it was won by the Republican incumbent by 12,754, 53.2 percent to 46.8. Context matters, and it matters a lot. Which is why these people try to hide it behind left-wing political porn like the opening paragraph, which reads, “Friends – I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is George Whitesides, I served as the Chief of Staff of NASA under President Obama, was the first CEO of Virgin Galactic, which made history for flying the first woman to space on a commercial space vehicle, and with your help I’m going to win the most vulnerable GOP-held House seat in America.”

Barack Obama effectively killed NASA, so I’m not sure that’s worth bragging about, and “flying the first woman to space on a commercial space vehicle” is really stretching the identity politics game. There have been a lot of women in space before Georgie sent one, and none of them had to buy a ticket. Identity politics makes people stupid. 

And it’s in that stupidity where Democrats thrive. Although, one could argue, it totally depends upon what the meaning of the word “stupidity” is…


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