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There really isn’t anything Democrats won’t fundraise off of. Mass shooting? Check. Political lies? Check. The Post Office? Check. Wildly unpopular MSNBC conspiracy theorists? Check. But there is one thing they don’t use very often, if ever, that they touted like it was the cure for what ails you just 2 years ago: Kamala Harris.


Vice President Kamala Harris is one of the few people on the planet capable of making President Joe Biden seem competent and likable. If you think about it, it is the main reason Democrats are unlikely to drop her from their ticket in 2024 – where else are they going to find someone to make “the big guy” look good? 

But having that be the role of the VP brings with it some disadvantages, chiefly among them the inability to raise money off the number two position, and as the Biden family demonstrated, position is the only real thing of value they have to offer to moneyed interests. 

If you are on Democrat Party email lists you know your contact information is tossed around like an intern at a Clinton administration reunion. You get email “signed” by everyone, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Ilhan Omar, etc. The longer you’re on the list the more likely you are to be contacted by the campaign of someone who genuinely hates this country, lied in the press, or slept with a spy. 

What you won’t get very often is an appeal from the Vice President. It is, I assume, an acknowledgement of just how unappealing she is, both as a political candidate and a person. 

Whatever the reason, it just doesn’t happen. It’s one of the main reasons they’re thinking of replacing her on the ticket next year. The vice presidency doesn’t bring a lot to the table – very few people vote for a ticket based on it, no matter how “historic” that person is billed to be – and the tiny fraction inclined to do so are likely already in the column of Democrats anyway. But Harris is particularly unappealing. 


No one gives worse speeches than Kamala; few people’s laughs are as vomit-inducing. And whoever her speechwriter is seems to be on a quest to make her look like the world’s biggest moron (and she keeps reading them). She’s simply unappealing.

But they finally used her.

The Democratic National Committee sent out a Kamala “signed” email Wednesday and, to be honest, it captures her essence…which isn’t good. 

You can hear her nasally voice in every word when it opens, “At the start of this year, I was asked, ‘What’s your one word for 2023?’ And without any hesitation, I said, ‘Momentum.’” (See what I mean about nasally?)

“This team has helped accomplish so much, from passing the biggest investment in tackling the climate crisis in history to creating 12 million new jobs -- the strongest two years of job growth by a longshot. Let me tell you: Momentum is on our side,” it continues with lies, naturally. “This is not the time to let up. It’s not the time to pat ourselves on the back. It's time to finish the job. To build on the progress we’ve made, we need the full support of this grassroots team to keep pushing our agenda forward. Will you donate $7 to help fund the resources Democrats are relying on to win races nationwide?”

The multimillionaire who got her start being the side-piece of a prominent California Democrat just needs you to give her $7 because “momentum.” It’s all so typical, and all so gross.

“It is incumbent now on all of us to keep working hard, but first I want to thank you personally,” it continues. “We could not have made these great strides were it not for you putting in so much effort, sacrifice, and faith in the goodness of who we are as a nation and what we are capable of achieving. This team’s generous support is funding the programs Democratic candidates across the country need to win elections.” 


To end it, she turns into an old Bartles and Jaymes ad. “If you can, please commit to our party by chipping in $7 to the DNC today. Your donation will help our party keep up the momentum as we tackle the work ahead. Thank you for your support.”

There is nothing appealing about Kamala Harris and Democrats know it. They’ll never say it, but the fact that so infrequently they use her to fundraise when they’d fundraise off of anything is all you need to know.

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