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If you watched any of the NFL playoffs you saw some good games and some really bad commercials. Every other ad was seemingly a Verizon ad with Paul Giamatti playing Albert Einstein (great actor, but enough already) or for a car company selling a product 99 percent of the audience couldn’t afford and wouldn’t want. It was enough to make you wonder who these corporations are trying to sell to, what they’re really advertising, and how it is their corporate boards allow it to continue.


Do you own an electric car? Probably not. I don’t, nor do I want one. They’re too expensive, it’s just this side of useless in a harsh winter, and once the battery goes you’re on the hook for the cost of 5 Hemi engines if you ever want it to drive again. Hard pass.

But most, if not all, of the car ads I saw last weekend during the NFC and AFC championship games were for electric cars. Are NFL fans disproportionately rich? Really into the environment without knowing just how awful manufacturing an electric vehicle is for the planet or where electricity comes from? It’s pretty doubtful. But the NFL has been ignoring huge chunks of their fan base for years, why wouldn’t advertisers? 

Or is it something else? Do these corporations even know or care who their advertising to? 

The ads themselves are awful and only tangentially about the car, if that. One is some hippie douchebag getting up at the crack of dawn dragging a beach in his Kia whatever so a bunch of turtles can lay eggs. What strikes me as so odd about this commercial, aside from the general sense of fakeness, is how he’s scooping up like giant laundry detergent bottles that were, apparently, buried in the sand. I get there’s a lot of plastic garbage in the oceans, mostly thanks to horrible Asian countries, but what beach in (presumably) California is so abandoned that detergent bottles wash up on shore and sit there long enough to get buried in the sand? 


Putting aside the improbability of the premises of the ads, who are they trying to sell to? There are cars that are “dog approved.” I don’t currently have a dog, but if we get one I’m not seeking his input on any major purchase, and if you do you need help. 

There are commercials where the car is climbing up a rocky, steep mountain with “DO NOT ATTEMPT” written across the bottom of the screen. Why the hell are you showing me a car doing something, as THE selling point of the ad, that you expressly tell me not to do? 

Then again, if you watch any of these ads the odds are better than 80 percent that at some point in the commercial the words “Professional driver, closed course. Do not attempt” will appear on the screen for a minute. Sometimes, hilariously, they pop up while the car is just driving down an empty street at night. If a car can’t do that, or if you need to be a “professional” in order to operate the vehicle at night, who the hell would buy it? And no one should.

These companies have been infiltrated by progressive lunatics who put activism (their brand and only their brand of activism) ahead of everything else. They aren’t trying to sell you a car, they’re trying to push you into a lifestyle; trying to make you conform. “Obey” would make an accurate tagline in every one of these things. Where are the boards? Where are the shareholder revolts? 


It’s not just cars, at least the sales of them. Domino’s Pizza is running ads about how they’re replacing a bunch of their delivery fleet with electric vehicles. Honestly, who the hell cares? Your pizza sucks, focus on fixing that. There are maybe 3 people in the country who’d base where they order pizza from on the type of vehicle it’s delivered to them in, everyone else would pass. How is this a selling point?

It’s not, it’s an agenda to normalize left-wing ideology. Take a look at the people in commercials. It’s like they’re trying to market to the smallest segment of the population possible. We’re living in a time where men dressed as women are the spokespeople for beauty companies. That’s not happening because the “tuck” crowd is a huge, untapped market. There’s no way they aren’t turning off more people than they’re bringing in. It’s because they’re seeking to normalize the abnormal and, most importantly, get people to conform and obey. 

If you can get otherwise sane, rational people to actively participate in the delusion that men can be women simply by declaring it, you can convince them of anything. If you can bully others into being so afraid to point out how men can’t be women, no matter what, you’ve also won. Willing conformity or conformity through fear of being found out, either way the end result is compliance. And that’s the ultimate goal. 


A little piece at a time, a little bit here and there, and the leftist blob absorbs more; gets bigger. None of this is by accident. These corporate leaders might not know what they’re participating in, but the people inside these companies – the “D.I.E.” crowd (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, which is usually D.E.I. but DIE is more accurate) – know exactly what they’re doing. And now, so do you.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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