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The Other Monsters Among Us

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Everyone has awful thoughts, things that cross our minds out of nowhere that were we to act on them would have us on the express train to Hell. While we don’t know where these thoughts come from, we don’t act on them so it doesn’t matter – the brain works in mysterious ways. And then there are horrible, evil people who walk among us every single day who do actually do horrible things and are on their way to Hell. Then there are those who see the evil done and think, “I can use that to get what I want.” While they have not engaged in the evil, they gleefully exploit it, which makes them a special breed of monster.


I don’t know how a progressive Democrat who hears of a tragedy and becomes aroused by the prospect of how they can use it can live with themselves. It’s disgusting. It’s also common. The Buffalo shooting immediately became about “white supremacy” and was used to pronounce everyone who isn’t an active Democrat guilty by proxy. The Laguna Woods shooting and the New York City subway shooting immediately became about…nothing. It’s like ServePro came through and wiped those from the left’s memory – like it never even happened. They weren’t useful, they didn’t matter.

Now, Uvalde, Texas. The killer there is a Hispanic guy with known mental problems. The only difference with Buffalo is the skin color, but that difference means Uvalde can’t be used to argue white supremacy, so they reverted to the inanimate object. 

The gun is to blame now. It didn’t walk itself into that school, it didn’t murder those innocent people any more than the car Waukesha drove itself through the Christmas parade trying to kill as many white people as possible. But just as the left would have you believe Waukesha was committed by Herbie the Love Bug gone bad and not a black supremacist who swallowed Democrat talking points his whole life, they want you to believe the gun came to life in Texas and committed mass murder. 


Before an accurate body count was make or horrified family members could be notified, Democrats in government and the media were dancing on the yet to be dug graves. 

It’s gross.

David Frum, still angry about his insignificance on the national stage, pulled with progressives always pull – collective guilt. “America’s hands are full of blood” is the title of a piece he wrote about it. It’s exactly what you’d expect from someone hoping to deflect from the failures of their party to address anything relevant to the issue at hand, “We all are responsible and must sacrifice our rights because of it.” 

It’s always the Constitutional Rights leftists have no interest in. If limits on abortion were the “solution,” they’d lose all interest in a solution. The left wants gun control so they can expand their people control agenda, so every issue has the same answer. 

But we are not all responsible. When the #MeToo movement was exposing Democrat after Democrat as the perverts they are, leftists pulled the “We’re all to blame” card.

We weren’t all to blame. Just because Democrat donors were pressuring their secretaries and co-workers into having sex with them doesn’t mean the rest of us were. We weren’t. But the truth didn’t help Democrats, so a narrative had to be constructed. Same thing in the case of shooting. 


Democrats have “solutions” awaiting opportunity, and opportunity is tragedy.

It’s unseemly, but that’s who these people are. They can’t point to anywhere the policies they want to impose nationwide have worked locally – the Democrat-controlled areas with the strictest gun control laws are the most violent – but they don’t care. It’s not about addressing the problem, it’s about advancing their agenda. Tragedies are simply delivery devices.

The monsters among us are out there, and more are at the ready to pounce as soon as the opportunity arises. 

Democrats live in a world where everything they want is so important that everything must be tossed aside in order to achieve it. “Carve out the filibuster to pass sensible gun laws, enshrine Roe and protect elections. The filibuster can still live but children, women and our democracy don’t have to die. It’s the only path,” says David Plouffe, former advisor to Barack Obama. 

That’s the essence of the modern Democrat Party – exploitation for the agenda; Agenda Über Alles. The tragedy doesn’t matter if it can’t be used to advance their power, and no standard of decency will be observed if it can. They are grave dancers of the highest order, sick individuals who collectively represent the largest percentage of the monsters among us.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily nationally syndicated radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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