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A liberal bragging about winning a journalism award is a lot like someone bragging about having sex at a brothel: once you pay, that’s what is supposed to happen. If you’re a liberal “journalist,” collecting Lucite bricks of varying shapes with your name laser etched in it is a full-time job. No profession awards itself more worthless prizes, with the possible exception of Hollywood. But the reality is journalists are less like the guy who brags about the prostitute and more like the actual prostitute.  


A prime example of this is CNN’s John Harwood. You almost have to feel bad for someone like Harwood, when your job is prop up Democrats and the chief Democrat is a senile man who was already dumb, the lift is heavier than usual. 

Joe Biden’s incompetence is legendary. As his mind has failed, it has become increasingly difficult to discern whether or not Joe was saying the stupid things he was because he was losing his mind or simply because he was an idiot. Most times it was both.

When Joe fumbled to ball, journalists scrambled to pick it up. No amount of humiliation has deterred these “truth tellers” when it comes to protecting their current king. More people died of COVID under Biden than Trump, even though Biden has treatments that weren’t available to the Trump administration. The stock market, and with it the retirements of millions of Americans, has been decimated. And then there’s inflation. 

On each of these issues, imagine having to pretend what is happening with them is actually a good thing. How could you sleep at night knowing the level of bovine excrement you had to spew during the day?

Harwood laid himself quite the egg this week trying to defend Biden from the inflation he’s created. Normally, this level of pathetic would be professionally damaging, but Harwood works for CNN, and there is no debasement too great to cause humiliation when it comes to CNN.


Johnny boy tried to deflect Biden’s responsibility for inflation by writing, “Inflation has surged in countries around the world as pandemic-hobbled economies lurched back into stride.” It’s true, inflation has increased in areas around the globe, but it’s up almost a third higher in the United States than everywhere else. Harwood ignores that.

Instead, the CNN “analysis” tries to argue that inflation isn’t really that bad, or at least not as bad as is being reported, because the federal government printed a bunch of money and sent people checks. Yes, the very thing that is causing inflation to be worse for everyone is, according to Harwood, what is making it not so bad. 

Harwood writes, “That's because families up and down the income scale, thanks to COVID relief checks, generally still have more money than before the pandemic; in the lingo of economic analysts, ‘household balance sheets’ still have ‘excess savings.’”

That last part is where the real prostituting comes out. Harwood runs to Moody’s chief economist for what is the economic equivalent of “You don’t know you good you have it.” 

“The excess saving has been enough to cushion the impact of declining real wages on spending, even for lower-income households," Moody’s economist said. 


Have you ever had “excess savings”? Have you ever checked your bank statement and thought, “That’s way too much, I need to get rid of some?” Apparently, Harwood found the one guy who thought we all had it too good and needed to knock us down a few notches. Sure, it costs twice as much to fill our gas tanks and almost as much to feed our families, but we’d been responsible to and saved money, so we’re good. The government can screw us out of those savings through incompetence and it’s all good. 

There are thousands of economists in the DC area with millions of takes, why the hell would anyone go to the guy arguing “excess savings” make inflation no big deal? Because Joe Biden has to be protected.

Admittedly, most times Biden needs protection it is from himself – something stupid he said – but sometimes it’s from the incredibly dumb things he’s done and doing. Just as it is impossible to know whether Joe needs protection because he’s stupid or senile, it’s impossible to know if the journalist protecting the President is a prostitute or just a partisan hack. Either way, leave the money on the dresser on your way out of the room…

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily nationally syndicated radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter


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