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Joe Biden Doesn’t Give a Damn About Baby Formula or Anything Else

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When it comes to the baby formula shortage, Joe Biden either doesn’t know or does not care. If it were Ensure, the President would be paying attention because that impacts something he cares about. But it’s for babies, the complete other end of life, and Joe Biden has always been about one thing and one thing only: himself. That you or someone you know is having difficulty feeding their baby is of no consequence for him. To the extent that he cares about it, or anything for that matter, it has to do with how it impacts him. 


Biden hasn’t held a job in the private sector since his alleged run-in with “Corn Pop.” That’s a very, very long time ago. He was elected to the United States Senate at 29, and believed he should be president long before that. To hold that belief requires an incredible amount of narcissism, to hold it for more than 50 years is dangerous. 

The worldview of your average politician is polluted, to say the least. It’s not just politicians, it’s anyone in a position people envy, admire, or hold sway over others. How often do you think your average movie star or professional athlete hears the word “no” from someone, anyone who can enforce it? Depending on when they achieved their success, it’s likely been a long while. The same goes for politicians.

That reality perverts everything. A lot of people desire to suck up to fame or power. People who surround others in those positions, either for reflected glory, money, or whatever, only serve to feed the already obese ego. If you have seen any of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard you know the “famous” live in ways foreign to normal people. Joe Biden has lived in that world his entire adult life. Add in his dementia and you begin to see the size of the problem.

Joe Biden has desperately and openly wanted to be President of the United States since at least the 1980s. It’s been a quest for him so all-consuming that he’s run multiple times, neglecting his family in the process. I know he has a reputation of being a “family man” who’d go home every night on the train to have dinner with his kids, but at least 2 of the 3 turned out to be addicts and much of his family are degenerates, not to mention other family members who used his position to make their money. That doesn’t happen to a family with a good person at the head of it, but someone blinded by their own ambition…


Do you think someone like that would give a damn that people not them or not related to them can’t find baby formula? Joe Biden doesn’t even acknowledge one of his own grandchildren, the one Hunter had with his stripper-lover. You know, the woman Hunter cheated on his girlfriend, his late brother Beau’s wife, after leaving his wife and kids for her. This, of course, was all before he’d married his current wife after knowing her for a few days. Did I tell you his family was messed up?

I could go on about how it’s pretty clear Beau was the kid Joe actually loved, or at least cared about the most, and how Hunter, clearly desperate for his father’s affection, tried to assume his life by moving in on his widow after his death, but that all seems pretty obvious to me. 

What I can say is that the Biden administration has not given a single damn about baby formula this entire time. 

The problem started in February when Biden’s Food and Drug Administration shut down the biggest manufacturer in the country because of a mistake. Since power-mad bureaucrats don’t admit mistakes, they’ve been in no hurry to allow it to reopen. Add to that the supply chain issues thanks to incompetent leadership from Secretary Paternity Leave and indifference from the President, and things began to cascade. 

But Jen Psaki, whom I affectionately call “Ginger Goebbels,” told the world Thursday that the White House has been on this issue “for weeks now.” Saying the administration has been doing everything possible to improve the situation they caused, she stated they would do even more things now. How can more things be done if, in fact, the administration was already doing everything possible? Of course, they can’t be. That either means she’s lying about what they’ve been doing or what they will do now. No reporter asked for clarification. 


On Friday, Joe himself spoke publicly for the first time when he was asked if his administration should’ve acted sooner. “If we’d been better mind readers I guess we could’ve,” was his snarky response. “We moved as quickly as the problem became apparent to us.”

So have they been on top of this problem the public has been aware of for weeks or are they just now moving as it “became apparent” to them? Have they been doing everything they could from the start to fix it, or are there things they are going to do now to fix it? It can’t be both. 

Psaki has left the White House, so she won’t be able to “circle back” on this, and the odds that any reporter will ask Joe are about the same as a bag of crack making it through the night at Hunter’s house.

No matter what the answer is, the fact remains that Joe Biden doesn’t care. He’s never cared. There isn’t a single position he’s held throughout the entirety of his political career. As the Democrat Party has moved further to the left, Joe has followed. The “devout Catholic” who was nominally pro-choice is now just this side of offering to perform partial birth abortions in the Oval Office. One of his only legislative accomplishments was the crime bill in the 90s, which he now denounces because his party favors criminals over victims or law and order. 

Maybe it’s not that Joe Biden doesn’t care, maybe he’s just a sociopath unable to? To raise the family the way he did, to push a fragile son to be the family bagman when it was obvious to anyone he was struggling mentally and with addiction, is to not be a decent human being. 


I’ve always found people to be the opposite of what they insist they are. If someone swears they have no concern for money, you can be pretty sure money motivates their every waking moment. If someone can’t shut up about how smart they are, they are not. If someone vows they only care about a certain cause, know they see it as a means to an end only. People don’t need to be told what someone is, we see it. You can see what kind of man Joe Biden is, all you have to do is look.  

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily nationally syndicated radio show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter 

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