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It’s religious dogma to the left: our immigration system is broken and the only fix is more cowbell. Ok, maybe not more cowbell, but a complete overhaul of the system – “comprehensive immigration reform” – which is code, or “dog whistle,” to put it in terms Democrats will understand, for amnesty. Sure, it would also involve a lot of other things progressives leftists admit we need to “fix” about the system, but without amnesty, they aren’t interested in any of it. Which goes to show you that, in fact, the immigration system is not broken, Democrats are.


Our immigration system worked just fine (not perfectly, mind you, but fine) until a few years ago. What happened then? Democrats decided to stop deportations in any real way.

Yes, Democrats had already screwed it up by introducing the concept of birthright citizenship – meaning anyone born here to illegal aliens was given citizenship, a concept so incredibly stupid it’s only been adopted by third world hell-holes and the United States, thanks to Democrats.

But the stopping of deportations made things exponentially worse. Sanctuary cities and states made it clear to would-be illegal aliens that the thousands of dollars they were thinking about dropping on the drug cartels to smuggle them or their children several thousand miles would not be in vain. The odds of them being returned to wherever they’re from if they made it to, say, California were slim to none, even if they committed heinous crimes, because California changed its laws to protect non-citizens over citizens. Kill a citizen and you might face deportation after a prison sentence, but rob a liquor store or drive drunk repeatedly, abuse a child or spouse? Meh, the chances the state bothers to call federal immigration authorities increases only slightly, but still don’t register in any real way.

Now more states and cities have gone even further. While not official policy, in practice if a rapist or child molester isn’t discovered by the media and reported on heavily, most blue states will do their best to make sure these perverts get to stay in the country. In fact, many cities and states, along with left-wing billionaires and the vanity organizations they fund (but are never impacted by because they live in gated communities with armed security, fly private, etc.) have set aside small fortunes to provide lawyers to any illegal aliens in the criminal justice system. Americans get public defenders if they can’t afford an attorney, illegals get organizations dedicated to ensuring their continued ability to thwart our laws. 


At this point, allow me an aside. You hear this in the media constantly: migrants. Either illegal migrants or undocumented migrants, whatever. The people flooding over the southern border are NOT migrants. A migrant migrates, hence the name. They migrate with work; when the work ends in one place they move on to the next place. The illegal aliens who crossed to border each year to plant crops in the spring or pick them in the fall are migrants, they leave when the work is done. 

The illegal aliens invading the country now have no intention of leaving, ever. They didn’t come here for seasonal work, they came here to live. They aren’t fleeing oppression or threats, they want a better life economically and all that goes with that. That’s perfectly understandable, but irrelevant since a desire for a better economic life is not an acceptable legal reason to grant anyone asylum. And the law has to matter.

So stop calling them migrants, especially the conservative media, they are illegal aliens. The left uses migrant to confuse the issue and control the discussion, stop letting them.

Now, back to the system. 

Take an old clock, one with all the gears, etc., open it up, and pull out one or two gears. Bend one, cut the teeth off it, do some serious damage to it and toss the other in the trash. Now wind the clock and see if it still works. It won’t. It won’t because you broke part of it and each part has to be working for the whole to work. That’s our immigration system.

Democrats broke a pretty important piece of the system when they effectively stopped deportations. If you spent ten grand to get here and were immediately returned home once you did, you would think twice about spending that money again. More importantly, the people in your town or village would have known you left, where you went and what you spent, and they’d see you back soon after. They’d know what happened and would think twice about doing it themselves. 


That would be a deterrent. 

But our idiot President does not support deterrence, he’s thrown open the gates. And with the end of Title 42, he’s sending the message that he’s ripping those gates down too. Who are these people we are playing to fly all over the country? The Biden administration doesn’t know and they don’t care. They’re likely future Democrats, and that’s all they care about. The sexual predators, murderers, drug dealers, whatever, the left doesn’t care. 

Democrats didn’t give a damn about the murder of Kate Steinle, they don’t care about the death of Bishop Evans, do you really think they’ll care if you or your family members are next? 

They want new voters. They can’t attract Americans, so they’ll create new ones instead. That’s why any “fix” they’ll even entertain about immigration has to involve amnesty and “a path to citizenship,” as they always say. The consistent point is their priority, and that’s their only consistent point. 

Republicans must refuse. The system isn’t broken, the enforcement of it is. If and when they regain control the priority must be sealing the border and deporting every illegal in the country they can. Not to be cruel, but to send that message that the doors to the United States may be open, but you don’t get to climb in a window. There is a line, it will take a while, but no one has a right to enter America except Americans. If you want in, we’ll take you but you have to bring something to the table beyond a desire to be here, because that’s not enough.


And we have to end birthright citizenship as soon as humanly possible. 

Of course, none of these real fixes to the border crisis are possible while Democrats have even a whiff of control of our government. The November election won’t wipe them all out, though there’s hope it will in the House and Senate. Democrats will still control the White House after November, even if they wise up and bring in Visiting Angels to 25th Amendment the senile fool at the top. That gives the GOP time to learn how to message on the issue, time to educate the public. 

If they use that time properly, we can restore our immigration system, not replace it. We can seal the border, secure it and pinch off the supply of fentanyl and other deadly drugs. We can start to impose the deserved legal penalties on companies hiring illegal aliens, and maybe put the focus of government back on protecting American citizens, where it’s supposed to be.

None of this will be possible, however, if Democrats have power anywhere because they are broken. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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