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You turn on a TV for about 20 minutes and you’ll likely see a commercial with a gay or lesbian couple ordering food or buying something. What they’re buying is irrelevant, they’re there for a virtue signal and nothing more. How can I say that? How dare I say that? Because why else would so many companies trip all over themselves to pander to a tiny fraction of the population? Everyone on the left, or living in fear of it, is now experiencing the tyranny of the minority – the absolute coddling being demanded by a rounding error of an already small percentage of the population. 


I put “community” in quotes because the absurdity of a community being based on who you sleep with is a far cry from what it used to mean. When I was a kid, the community was your neighborhood, period. There was no separation based on race, which bathroom someone used, or who someone was having sex with. If you were spotted with fireworks, your parents were going to find out, it was that simple. Gay couples or black families didn’t say, “Well, it’s not one of ours so cares if they blow off some fingers?” That’s not how life worked.

Then Democrats found political pay dirt in division, and overnight the country was transformed from a melting pot to a series of chafing dishes.

Yet, major companies, and the left-wing organizations that control them, would have you believe the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ “community” are not only “marginalized,” certain segments of it are “the most marginalized.” It’s a woke-off. 

The most captured company is Disney. Why anyone would own stock in Disney is a mystery. They’re ruining entertainment and sports (they own ESPN) with a left-wing agenda, thereby ruining their stock price in the future, seemingly. 

Video was released this week from their corporate chat with itself over how Disney will work to repeal a law written to prevent adults talking about their genitals and what they do with them to kindergarten through third graders. If some random adult started talking to one my kids in a park about the content of their underpants or sex, I’d need to be held back.


But now the perverts compelled to talk about their “sexual identity” – a term that lets you know someone is a worthless loser with nothing to offer the world as an individual – to children have a profession and a union! They’re teachers. They also have corporate sponsors and a mascot: Mickey Mouse.

Disney is a company for gay adults who need not only the acceptance of everyone else, but the approval and applause of us too. 

It’s pathetic to see adults lie about what the Florida Parental Rights in Education Law does. It’s clear they’ve never read it, they likely received a fundraising email about it and that’s the extent of their knowledge on the subject. They were simply ready, conditioned really, to believe the worst of people they disagree with politically because that’s what Democrats have trained them to believe.

Either way, who cares? If you can’t do your job, or even comfortably exist while not telling 5-year-olds what genitals you enjoy, you shouldn’t be anywhere near children. Not because you’re a child molester or anything, but because there’s something fundamentally wrong within you. You don’t talk to other people’s kids about that stuff, lest you end up on the Chris Rock end of a Will Smith moment. 

But every single day, kindergarten teachers are professing their inability to function in their jobs if they can’t proselytize about whatever delusional gender was just made up 20 minutes ago and you’re commanded to shut up and take it. 


If you buy Disney products, you’re paying for this. If you watch ESPN or ABC, you’re paying for this. Think about that while you shake your head in disgust and confusion. How did a major corporation get taken over by a tiny fraction of an already insignificant percentage of the population? 

Most of my gay friends are embarrassed by what the “gay rights” movement has become. They’re ashamed of the “leading organizations” acting without their consent in their name the way most black people cringe when Al Sharpton is referred to as a “civil rights leader.” Most civil rights leaders don’t have a body count in their wake, a history of extortion, or unpaid lawsuits and taxes while raking in a fortune, and most gay people aren’t compelled to seek justification of their existence from others of any age, let alone children. 

They recognize that the reported high suicide rate among allegedly trans kids might be, at least in part, over the pressure they face from people telling them what they feel isn’t just normal growing up confusion, but that they’re somehow trapped in the wrong body. When that’s not the case, they can either “de-transition,” which is the ultimate heresy and isn’t allowed to be spoken of, or do something horrible to themselves. If what you were told would “solve” your issues didn’t, where else do you turn?

In this destructive wake, the left plows forward. They don’t care about that destruction; individuals are disposable to the progressive movement. They are tools for the moment, useful until they are not, and you simply move on from there without ever looking back. 


These kids are chum, we’re all chum for these people. And we’re also paying for the privilege. We can’t stop leftists from being the morons they are, but we don’t have to pay for it.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter

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