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I’m always amazed by what “works” when it comes to politics. For example, you look at some elected officials, of both parties, and you have to wonder what they were up against, either in their primary or the general election, that had a majority of voters saying to themselves, “Yes, this weirdo/pervert/corrupt pile of waste is the better option.” Who was the alternative, someone promising to murder everyone and eat their hearts? 

This is true for all aspects of politics. The pundit game has some people who can’t help but make everything about themselves and their business ventures, some books are written with what has to be the express purpose of not conveying anything new or interesting, lest there be no other way to explain what their purpose is. And cable networks exist to keep their audiences from even considering candidates in primaries who aren’t approved by various hosts – would you have heard of Nikki Fried were it not for her appearances on MSNBC, for example?

It’s a sad commentary on where politics are when cable television is determining what constitutes political viability, yet that’s where we are.

This can only happen if people are dumb enough; smart people would never stand for it. But how dumb can people be and still function? That’s a question for the ages, isn’t it?

One example of how dumb Democrats have gotten is this fundraising email from a group called “Stop Republicans.” Their goal, shockingly, is to stop Republicans everywhere, or so they say. Their real goal is to separate moronic leftists from whatever cash they happen to cobble together. And business is good. 

So good, in fact, that they can use idiotic fundraising tactics and still raise enough money to allow them to avoid having to get real jobs or become productive members of society. 

“Derek, we’re HORRIFIED!” their email opens, “The Maddowblog just reported: Republicans call on Merrick Garland to resign.” Just imagine “the horror!” Also imagine using Rachel Maddow’s staff blog as a news source. Finally, imagine getting worked up over political opponents calling on someone to resign.

Hilariously, that opening line contains a footnote [1] which reads, “[1] Maddowblog: The problem with Republicans calling on Merrick Garland to resign (10/28/2021)”

I don’t know what your definition of “just” is in regards to time, but I suspect it’s not 5 months. If asked, for example, if you’d fed the dog and you hadn’t done so in 5 months, your answer would not be, “I just did.” 

Surprisingly, that opening was not the dumbest part of the email. In fact, it’s almost as impossible to pick the dumbest part of the email as it would be to pick which of your children you love more. The every next line reads, “If Merrick Garland lacks support from Democrats, Republicans could force him out!  So we need a surge of 45,000 signatures by NOON TOMORROW to show our support for Merrick Garland!”

How could Republicans “force him out”? The long answer is they can’t. There is literally nothing Republicans could do to remove the idiotic, partisan hack now serving at Attorney General. Anyone with a basic understanding of how our government works knows this. Apparently, Democrats don’t. Or at least Democrat dark money groups hope they don’t, and there must be enough of them to syphon money out of for people live off of.

The email continues, “Derek, Donald Trump let his Republican allies get away with everything under the sun. It was despicable!!!  But Merrick Garland has changed everything! He’s refused again and again to bend to the GOP’s rage and let them flout the law. We’re so grateful!  We need to show Attorney General Garland that we stand with him. We won’t let Republicans intimidate him into resigning. And with 45,000 signatures by NOON TOMORROW, we’ll overpower their attacks!   Sadly, almost no one from your state has signed yet, so we're asking you:  Will you add your name to stand with Merrick Garland?”

I live in Maryland, one of the bluest states around. Putting aside the stupidity of “Republicans forcing the AG to resign,” if there were a state you could expect a bunch of virtue signaling leftists to “sign” meaningless petitions, it would be Maryland. These idiots will sign onto anything. Yet “almost no one” has? 

Naturally, their “crucial” petition to protect the AG ends with a demand for cash, giving no other option for submitting your “signature” but to donate. A smart person would wonder why a credit card is required to sign something so vital to the country’s survival. That this group is still in business lets you know that Democrats aren’t made up of a bunch of smart people. 


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