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Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Some people simply love themselves – a lot. Others hate people to the point that it consumes them. Most of the rest of us live somewhere in the in-between. But politics isn't about the in-betweens; it's about pandering to the extremes, either for votes, money, or both. That's why the radical left has embraced Republican Liz Cheney.


No one would have expected leftists to embrace Congresswoman Cheney, especially after 20 years of describing her father as the root of all evil while accusing her of picking up his mantle. Yet, politics makes strange bedfellows. 

"10,000 SIGNATURES NEEDED BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT: Stand with Liz Cheney's FULL Investigation!" screams a fundraising email from the Democratic Strategy Institute. "ADD YOUR NAME TO STAND WITH CHENEY'S FULL INVESTIGATION." And yes, that is a direct copy/paste from their email. They write the way an animal licking a keyboard might, only less intelligently because they're supposed to know better. But it gets dumber.

"Liz Cheney committed to bringing Donald Trump to JUSTICE for his role in the January 6th insurrection," they continue. "Now Trump and his right-wing loyalists are attacking Liz to stop her investigation! Without enough public support, we'll NEVER be able to make sure that Trump is punished for his crimes."

What exactly is "Liz Cheney's FULL investigation!" is never explained. Cheney isn't heading any investigation, nor has she launched one of her own. She's a single member of Congress, no more imbued with powers to launch investigations than you or I are. 


She is, however, a member of Nancy Pelosi's Democrat committee harassing conservatives for the "crime" of asking questions about how a senile old man who rarely left his house managed to get 81 million votes. That's easier, I guess, than just coming up with a rational, believable explanation. 

Still, the stupidity of the left and the contempt they show for their supporters wasn't nearly done. 

The email continues, "So Derek, we're reaching out to Washington Democrats to show mass support for the January 6th investigation. We need [402] more Washington signatures before midnight tonight." Oh, they're just 402 "signatures" away from stopping…er, starting…um…

They don't actually say what the signatures are supposed to accomplish in the email or the "poll" clicking their link sends you to. 

"Can we add your name to our petition standing with the January 6th committee and their full investigation of the insurrection?" the first "question" reads on the "petition." How does "standing with" anyone ensure Congress, which is completely controlled by Democrats, will continue to do things they're already going to continue because they have nothing else on which to campaign?

Among the "questions" asked once you click the link is this beauty, "Did you know that there are still Republicans in Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley 100% committed to carrying out Trump's legacy and ruining Joe Biden's presidency?" 


I'm old enough to remember when every Democrat did everything humanly possible to prevent President Donald Trump from accomplishing anything and everything while he was in office. Curiously, Democrats insist Republicans roll over and take a belly rub on command.

Also curiously, this organization, and all the others, rarely, if ever, refer to Donald Trump as "President Trump." The same thing happens, by the way, on liberal cable news. Biden and Obama are always referred to as "President," at least the first time they are referenced, as is the custom, particularly when writing. (Remember this next time some leftist whines about the "lack of civility" in politics.)

This is but one of seven left-wing fundraising emails I received this week exclusively using the idea of helping Liz Cheney as the hook to get into the wallets of fellow Democrats. If it didn't work, they wouldn't do it. 

Frankly, they can have her. Cheney has been a disappointment, to say the least. Not because of how she votes – one vote in the House is meaningless right now – but by how she is obviously, as evidenced by how she's a fundraising star, a tool for the left, and is doing nothing to mitigate it. Have you seen her condemn these efforts? Condemn Democrats wrapping themselves in her as "evidence" that their investigation is somehow bipartisan or honest?


No, you haven't. And you won't. 

Frankly, for as often as Democrats claim Cheney to milk their supporters of money, they can have her. To pretend she's still a Republican of any consequence at this point is to be just as delusional as those emails are. 

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