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Last week it was all about Democrats not caring and the panic created to urge campaign contributions before an arbitrary deadline. This week, it’s right back to the undiagnosed bipolar disorder the left is known for. Writing like a 12-year-old with the subject line, “we’re crying happy HAPPY tears!! [re: BIDEN AGENDA],” these leftists are back to their old, pathetic, and rather weird tricks.

The email from the Democratic Strategy Institute, which describes itself as “a new project of the National Democratic Training Committee, the largest free Democratic training organization in the country,” employs the same old manipulation tactics the left has been using for decades. “We’re a grassroots-funded organization working non-stop to elect a WAVE of Progressives nationwide,” the description continues. “Our experts are training an army of Democratic candidates and political staff to run revolutionary grassroots campaigns to defeat Republicans.   We’re dedicated to gathering, analyzing, and sharing the best practices, strategies, and cutting edge tactics used by Democratic campaigns across the country.”

What’s funny is the what they’re “dedicated to” part.

Their emails are written for someone who can barely read and definitely can’t comprehend what they’re reading. It’s unclear what “best practices” that adheres to. Their surveys amount to “Teen Beat” level questions about how big of a crush they have on whatever Democrat is hot with the base at the moment. It’s a mystery as to what can be gleaned by “analyzing” worthless data, but Democrats love themselves some worthless things.

The begging part of the email starts, “Derek -- We have FANTASTIC news: FIRST: Barack Obama, Amy Klobuchar, Stacey Abrams, and Elizabeth Warren ALL told you that passing Joe Biden’s agenda is CRITICAL. THEN: We told you we needed 100,000 donations to pass Biden’s agenda and save his presidency. NOW: Donations to pass Biden’s agenda are SURGING!”

This is quite the change from their usual “We asked and no one donated” emails, but it’s all for the same purpose: manipulation.

This time they’re insisting things are going well, that they’re approaching their goal and the recipient is only needed to reach it. After all, YOU wouldn’t want to be the reason the left’s goal wasn’t reached, especially when they’re so close, would you? They insist, “We’re only 2,000 donations short of our 100,000 donation goal. And with only 6 hours left until our midnight deadline, we need you to step up!  Go! Go! Go! We need EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who opens this email to chip in $5 or more before midnight to push us over the edge!!”

What data is being collected here? None. Same for the “cutting edge tactics.” The whole thing is a joke. It’s an appeal to emotion, always, with the left. 

“The future of the Democratic party depends on building a massive bench of Progressive candidates and staff,” the email says. “That’s why we train and connect candidates, campaign staff, and local leaders. If we can train enough candidates and campaign staff nationwide, we’ll have what it takes to save our Democratic Majority and defeat Republicans everywhere.”

Of course, this is a fundraising email. If they’re telling their email list what they’re going to do with their money, they have to bring everything back to “the big ask.” 

The very next line is, “But our work costs a lot of money. We depend on donations from proud grassroots Democrats like you. Can you chip in?” It’s all about the money, always.

One has to wonder how much money these groups rake in, and how much of it comes from the billionaire class that funds the vast majority of the left. They were asking for $5 per person and claiming to be approaching 100,000 donations, which would mean $500,000. While that’s a lot of money to an individual, it’s nothing to a “nationwide” group “building a massive bench.”

Nothing about these people is genuine or honest, it’s all complete manipulation, always. It works, there are just some people, even in the United States, who desperately want to be told what they can and can’t do, who need permission before they live their lives. You see them in the stores with double masks and a face shield. But America was never supposed to be a place where we seek permission, especially from politicians and government, to live our lives. It’s a shame there are so many of our fellow Americans who think it was, but it’s not a surprise that so many groups exist to bilk them of their money. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter


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