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The headline is a bit misleading, as I fully expect the answer to be yes. But we aren’t Democrats trying to milk cash out of other, dumber Democrats, so that question seems both obvious and stupid. Yet, that is the subject of a fundraising email this week from the Democratic Strategy Institute. Lord only knows how much money they’re making off it.

The email arrived with the subject line, “Does Derek: want Joe Biden to resign???” The punctuation of a 12-year-old girl is theirs and has not been altered in any way.

The email quotes a tweet by Kellyanne Conway, former advisor to President Donald Trump, reading, “President Biden, I'm not resigning, but you should.” It was in reference to Joe Biden firing every Trump appointee from US military academy boards, an unprecedented act by a small, petty man. 

That Conway would tell off whichever Biden handler actually made the decision is not a surprise, and neither is the fact that some leftist group would try to fundraise off of it. They do, after all, raise money off tragedies on a regular basis. What is surprising is it’s a tweet that was sent 6 weeks ago. 

Dated September 8th, the Democratic Strategy Institute send their email about it on October 23rd. But that’s just the tip of the stupid iceberg.

The email asks the question, “Do you agree with Kellyanne Conway that Joe Biden should resign?” Even if you answer “yes,” it takes you to one of the dumbest surveys I’ve ever seen. 

Question 6 cracks me up the most, not because it’s stupid but because the options they give for answers are. It reads, “Which of Joe Biden's actions in his first 6 months in office do you support? (Select all that apply)” Then offers the following options, each of which would have embarrassed a Democrat President 20 years ago and are now things they brag about. 

The possible answers are: 

Securing millions of COVID-19 vaccines 

Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement 

Re-engaging in the World Health Organization 

Reversing Trump’s Muslim Ban 

Introducing ground sweeping immigration reform 

Reopening Obamacare enrollment 

Ending Trump's Transgender Military Ban 

Unveiling the American Jobs Plan to create thousands of jobs 

Sending stimulus checks to millions of hardworking families 


Is there anything on that list you’d be proud of? I mean, aside from the vaccine procurement that the Trump administration did. 

The email concludes, “We refuse to let corrupt Trump loyalists like Kellyanne Conway derail Joe Biden’s Presidency.  That’s why we’re conducting this poll to show Democrats are with him ALL THE WAY!  Derek: We’re standing by Joe Biden, and we hope you’ll do the same!” 

It takes a special kind of stupid to believe a tweet from an official of the previous administration could in any way “derail” a presidency, but then we’re dealing with the Democratic Party’s base here. 

What’s even funnier is the middle of this email includes, “This poll is registered to Derek Hunter only. Once you open this email, you have only 3 minutes to respond. Failure to respond will result in incomplete results for your area.” 

There is a countdown clock in the middle of the email that starts 3:00 once you open it, but it resets every time you open it. More hilariously, if you leave the email open, the countdown “you have only 3 minutes to respond” to starts over immediately after it reaches zero, and does so repeatedly for as long as you have the email open. It’s the most casual sense of urgency you’re likely to see.

Question 10 brings about another laugh. They ask, “How concerned are you by Trump and his Republican cronies' attempts to destroy Joe Biden's career and image?” If you are concerned that one political party might say mean things about the other, to the point that you’re willing to part with some of your hard-earned money, you are beyond stupid and should never leave your house without a helmet and an escort. 

Every week, nearly daily, these emails from leftist groups get dumber and dumber. How are they not all bankrupt? Is it any wonder the political left despises the concept of merit? If they were forced to live in a world where truthfulness mattered, they would have all starved to death years ago.


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