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Jim Watson/Pool via AP

I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland, where even the Republican Governor is half a liberal. But our Governor is term limited, which means every goon and leftist clown is scrambling to be our next governor, since the Republican Party in Maryland is pretty damn worthless, it’s a good bet (though not certain) that whoever wins the Democratic nomination will end up winning the general. Sad, but true.

Once you get on one left-wing fundraising email list, you’re pretty much on all of them. They sell and trade email lists like normal kids trade baseball cards. Out of professional necessity, I read the emails I get with a combination of laugher and horror – laugher because they’re hilariously written and so incredibly stupid you have to wonder is a toddler wrote them, and horror because they work on enough people to fund the left’s destructive agenda. 

I got an email Saturday from a guy named John King, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor. Under the subject line, “using my privilege to demand just housing practices,” King explains that having a house is a privilege. That’s right, it’s not something you earned, it’s something given to you, probably because of your skin color.

“Last night, I participated in an all night sleepout (sic) in Annapolis to protest the failure of our state government to protect tenants from eviction,” the email opens. Democrats playing camping to protect people refusing to pay their rent. King doesn’t bother explaining how that’s everyone else’s problem, being a liberal means no one is going to think or question.

“The impacts of eviction and homelessness are devastating here in Maryland, especially for communities of color and those facing financial uncertainty,” King continues, though he never says why he holds the racist belief that “communities of color” are incapable of taking care of themselves or paying their bills, or why he has to segregate “off-white” people from “those facing financial uncertainty.” Democrats love segregation.

The email then continues, “so for those of us who are privileged enough to have a roof over our heads, one night of sleeping outside is nothing compared to what some Marylanders experience every day. It’s the very least we can do to demand better and more just housing practices.”

Who knew housing was a “privilege” and not something earned through hard work, savings, and responsible living? As a resident of Maryland, I can assure you that the housing practices are as just as they come. They involve the ability of anyone to be able to buy or rent whatever they want, as long as they pay for it. If you can’t pay for it, you can’t buy or rent it. If you have already bought or rented it, then lose the ability to pay for it, you lose it. These aren’t new rules, nor are they rules exclusively for non-white people. 

King concludes, “So I was proud to join CASA, an organization fighting to protect Maryland immigrants and working families, at their rally in front of the Maryland Statehouse to make one thing clear: Maryland must reinstate the eviction moratorium.” 

For those who don’t know, CASA is a race-based advocacy organization focusing on prioritizing Hispanic illegal aliens over every other immigrant group or other Americans. They are radical, divisive and destructive. In other words, they’re progressive. 

The email is then signed off with, “Housing is a human right, and it’s time we had a governor who leads on that principle.” And here you’ve been, paying your bills all along like a sucker. Why have you been paying for a human right? Where do the responsible among us go for our refund, seeing as how we’ve been having our human rights violated for so long?

John King then includes a picture of himself that looks like he’s lying on the ground outside, presumably from his camping adventure. Naturally, the “add your name” link to the petition the entire email is allegedly about is bait for fundraising, because Democrats don’t do anything if there isn’t money involved. 

How much money can be wrung out of suckers with these tactics appears limitless. But it’s clear from the pathetic text of these emails and the joke tone of them that Democrats not only hold those of us who are disgusted by their agenda in contempt, but their supporters too. 


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