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The latest installment of insane liberal fundraising email scams is really something to behold. The cesspool of needles, feces, junkies, mental instability is a day away from a recall election for their rich, white, left-wing Governor. Normally, this would be a moment for a political party, even one as cobbled together from disparate groups like the Democrat Party, to come together and fight for a common goal. But this current iteration of the left is too interested in cold, hard cash to unify. It’s kind of funny to watch, honestly. 

Gavin Newsom has more money to fight his recall than anyone could ever need. The Democrat donor class opened up their wallets or purses, depending on their gender identity, and showered him with cash like they were rappers at a strip club. George Soros, the grand wizard of the progressive movement, has given a million dollars, and if it looked like giving more would make a difference, or be needed, you know he’d happily do it. 

The radical left loves Newsom, he’s been a good dog when it comes to implementing their agenda priorities. Even if he were to lose, and it’s not looking likely, Democrats control everything else so completely that it’d be nearly impossible to reverse or even change most of it.

But the election is a cash cow for every left-wing group anyway. They scream about how Republicans, if Newsom is recalled, will radically transform the state. There is no better motivator than fear for the left.

With all the polls looking favorably for Governor Hairdoo, a group called “Stop Republicans” sent out a panicked email with the subject line, “Gavin Newsom TUMBLES.” The email starts in a tizzy with “this is a hard email to write.  But Democrats are about to lose the California Recall Election…  And almost no one -- seriously, NO ONE -- is donating to our emails to SAVE Gavin Newsom.”

Of course, the anti-recall forces have raised at least $70 million, so the very premise of the email is a lie. It continues, “The Election is 3 DAYS AWAY. Newsom is TUMBLING in the polls. And MSNBC predicts: “The outcome is far from certain.” If we don’t hit 10,000 donations this week...Gavin Newsom LOSES.  That would be a downright HUMILIATING BLOW to Biden’s Presidency.  This is your FINAL chance to do the right thing! Don’t let Republicans flip this Blue State Red. CHIP IN $5 NOW TO SAVE GAVIN NEWSOM.”

What does the number of donors have to do with anything? Nothing. And there are no polls suggesting Newsom is “tumbling” that have been conducted in the last month.

They then cite the bowl-cutted fraud over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow. Very few people lie as much to anyone, let alone a large audience, like Maddow does. But there’s a hunger for those lies, she’s MSNBC’s top-rated personality. They’re so afraid of losing her they just signed a deal to pay her $30 million per year to work only 30 weeks per year on 1 hour specials, giving up her nightly show, because they were afraid if she’d started something online to compete with them they’d lose. Pathetic. “Even MSNBC’s Maddowblog says Republicans can BEAT him,” the email screams. “So we’re launching an emergency campaign to SAVE Governor Newsom from Republican attacks… but we need 50,000 donations before the recall election to keep our campaign running! Rush a donation right now to SAVE Governor Newsom and Biden’s Presidency.”

Yes, you read that right – in the same email, things had gotten so bad from one paragraph to the next, that the number of donations required to “save” California from the horrible fate of individual liberty had increased 5 times, going from 10,000 to 50,000. You’d think a group begging for money would employ at least one person to proofread their appeals, wouldn’t you?

How much this or any of these groups actually spends on the recall election remains unknown, but I suspect it will be very little, if any. Whatever happens in California will not be decided by money-grubbing groups scamming the elderly out of their Social Security checks. It’ll be determined by the people of the state. Let us hope there are still a few sane ones left out there.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.  


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