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They Aren’t ‘Migrants,’ They Are Illegal Aliens

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It’s the disappearing act of the year – the story of the illegal alien invasion at the southern border. More than a million people will march into the country with a sense of entitlement, encouraged and embraced by the Biden administration and every Democrat, and it’s like it isn’t happening. But it is happening, and the system is collapsing because of it, which can only be thought of as by design.


When you want to destroy something you don’t offer to “fix” it; why would you fix something you’ve denounced as “fundamentally racist?” No, you must destroy it so you can replace it completely. If it’s the economy, it’s capitalism that must be destroyed so the left’s socialist utopic dreams can replace it. If it’s immigration, the system must be overwhelmed and fail so “comprehensive” reform – code for amnesty and citizenship – can take its place.

A big part of that battle is semantical. There was a time, believe it or not, when illegal aliens were called illegal aliens by everyone. Why? Because that’s exactly what they are. But if you can control the language, you can eventually control everything. That’s the left’s strategy and it has worked.

Now, even many so-called conservative media outlets use the terminology of the left while discussing the issue. Rather than reports about illegal aliens, the term leftists have declared to be unacceptable, you hear about “migrants” or the “migrant crisis.” 

The thing is, these illegal aliens swarming the border are not migrants.

Merriam-Webster, which surprisingly has not changed their definition to placate the left (at least not yet), defines migrant as, “a person who moves regularly in order to find work especially in harvesting crops.” While that might be a tiny part of what is flooding the border, it is decidedly not the majority. The vast majority are coming here to stay, with no intention of getting right with the law, simply hoping the law will make them right retroactively. 


While the pandemic, and a president who actually gave a damn about the American people, would have every person caught sneaking into the country on a plane back to wherever they came from so quickly they’d barely have the chance to exhale on an American, let alone infect untold numbers of unsuspecting people, that is not what Joe Biden and Democrats want. Mandating masks back on, the rights of Americans curtailed, our lives threatened, but the flow of illegals rolls on, unabated.

Think I’m exaggerating? Axios reports, “About 50,000 migrants who crossed the southern border illegally have now been released in the United States without a court date. Although they are told to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office instead, just 13% have shown up so far.” 

This is not unknown to the Biden administration, nor is it unknown to the left-wing media propping him up. It’s just ignored. Not because they don’t care, but because they do. 

This is the plan – overwhelm the system, destroy it, offer up a plan that replaces it that includes what Democrats really want: citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens they’ve been cultivating as potential voters for decades. 

Americans were always being killed by illegal alien criminals, news to the equation is being infected with COVID by them. That’s happening, not only with the passive acknowledgement of our tax collectors, but with their blessing.

How can I say that? Because the La Joya, Texas, police reported a group of illegal aliens infected with COVID were supposed to be quarantining in a US taxpayer funded hotel, of course, but were found hacking and coughing all over a fast food joint in the city instead. There were no consequences for that. They should have been catapulted out of the country, but they were likely just encouraged to abuse room service instead. Why would the honor system work on people who entered the country illegally, making it abundantly clear they have no honor?


Of course, the Biden administration officials overseeing and enabling this fiasco have no honor either, so it’s a match made in hell. And, unfortunately, thanks to that match, we’re all forced to live in that hell. We don’t have to; we can fight back. The first and easiest way to do that is to take back the language and remember this simple fact: there are not “migrants” rushing the southern border, they are illegal aliens. 

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