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Democrats are great at naming bills the reverse of what they really do. Pretty much anything they say, know they are actively working toward the opposite and the bills they push try to codify it into law. Such is the case with the harmless sounding “For the People Act.” What it really does is federalize elections in a way so as to rig all future elections for Democrats.


The most famous example of this Orwellian naming of bills is the “Affordable Care Act.” It caused at least 5 million Americans to lose the health insurance they liked and raised premiums and deductibles to the point that people effectively had no health insurance for tens of millions more. But it was hardly the last example of the fraudulent naming of legislation and the lies Democrats tell about it.

The latest COVID relief bill, called the “American Rescue Plan,” has little to do with rescuing anyone who isn’t a Democrat Party donor or interest group, with only a tiny percentage of the almost $2 trillion having anything tangentially related to COVID. The rest is pay-offs to unions, Silicon Valley, Democrats who’ve run their state’s economy into the ground, and everyone else in the progressive coalition. The “Equality Act” strips Americans of their religious freedoms and female athletes of their rights to compete fairly. 

And now we have the “For the People Act,” which Democrats insist will “expand voting rights” and “secure future elections.” It does nothing of the sort.

What FPA does is federalize elections, taking power away from states and has Washington setting the rules. And by Washington, I mean Democrats.


Nationwide automatic voter registration, vote by mail, ballot harvesting, stripping voter ID laws, felons voting, and federal standards for drawing Congressional districts are just a few of the provisions the left has crammed into this abomination. If you wanted to corrupt all future elections, you couldn’t do it more efficiently than the FPA does it.

If people can’t bring themselves to do the simple task of registering to vote, they shouldn’t vote. You almost have to actively avoid registering, but if it’s automatic, the pool of people not voting grows significantly. With the mail in ballot provision, that leaves a lot of ballots that won’t be filled out by the legal recipient but could easily be filled out by someone else. 

There would be no signature verification, making discarded or stolen ballots as good as cash on the black market. We’ve all seen pictures of stacks of ballots mailed to apartment complexes just sitting around or tossed into the trash. That’s gold for political hacks. Given the “walking around money” Democrats are famous for, buying ballots to be filled out later from people would become a new sport. 

If you can get your hands on the mailed ballots of people who didn’t register, have no history or intention of voting, and no signature verification because they never filled out a voter registration card, it would make rooting out fraud nearly impossible. The only way to invite more fraud would be to allow Democrats to print ballots. 


Democrats have also included federalizing the drawing of Congressional districts. Leftists have railed for years against gerrymandering, the drawing of districts to favor one party over the other. They point out where Republicans have done it, but ignore places like Maryland, where the former Democrat Governor admitted under oath that he drew those lines explicitly to eliminate as many GOP seats as possible. It worked, Maryland went from three Republicans in the House to one under the new districts, and the one only survived because they couldn’t find a way to marginalize all the Republicans in the state. 

Democrats draw their lines based on race, assuming only someone with the same skin color or ethnicity can represent people – the concept of us all being Americans be damned. The FPA incentivizes more of this because racism is their bread and butter.

Everything in the FPA is specifically designed to advantage fraud and Democrats, and it’s couched as how they present everything – as being in the name of “justice.” It’s every bit the lie everything else they do or say is. 

It’s really an attempt to cement a permanent majority for Democrats, by any means necessary. It will easily pass the House, it is in the Senate where the real fight will be. Joe Biden will sign anything his handlers put in front of him, which means the fight over killing the filibuster is about to heat up again. Sharpen your elbows and get ready, because this one is for all the marbles. 


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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