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When Donald Trump sneezed, the entire media fact checked it. If he mentioned the time, someone at CNN declared he was off by a nanosecond and a total fraud. There was literally no event from 2017 through January 20th of this year that wasn’t framed as some sort of attack against the president of the United States. Suddenly, as if magic, things changed. The media went from confrontation to fluffer overnight.


When Joe Biden lies, the nation’s hall monitors at CNN, Politifact, Snopes, The Washington Post, etc., snap into action. “He misspoke,” “It was his stutter,” “It’s insignificant,” you name it, they’ve posited it to justify whatever he says or does.

Actually, it’s mostly been what he’s says, they’re big fans of what he does. They have no problem with that, no matter how terrible or how much power he abuses. And executive order rewriting laws – no biggie; shutting down all immigration law, even for illegal aliens who commit crimes in this country – all good. Pravda was more skeptical of Soviet leaders than The New York Times is of anything Biden does.

In response to Biden’s handling, if you can call it that, of the winter storm that caused problems in Texas, Biden has been largely absent. That’s cool with The Washington Post. Americans are suffering, people are dying, and Joe is…who knows what Joe is doing, and the Post’s headline reads, “Biden’s low-key approach to storm wins praise but courts risks.”

Oh no, not “risks” for Joe Biden!?! The entire state is struggling, Texas Governor Greg Abbott requests help, and Joe declares only 77 out of 254 counties disaster areas, and the Post is worried about the risk to Biden?


This is the opening paragraph under that headline, “Democratic state Rep. James Talarico says the most he's heard of federal help in his area during the devastating winter storm is a FEMA water truck that apparently got stuck in ice. K.P. George, the top elected official in Fort Bend County, Tex., said federal officials have told him help is on the way — just not fast enough: ‘We can't wait another 72 hours to get food and blankets and things like that,’ he said.”

Do you see any connection between that headline and that lede?

As if they were on the White House communications team, the story includes, “As the Biden administration faces its first natural disaster, the president himself is taking a notably low-key approach. He has not visited the stricken region or delivered prime-time remarks; he did not mention the disaster at a recent town hall; and he is studiously avoiding the controversy over whether wind energy or fossil fuels are to blame for widespread power failures.”

Basically, he’s not mentioned it and done next to nothing, may well be personally unaware of what’s happening, but it’s all good because he’s a Democrat.


Meanwhile, the media have gone wall-to-wall with stories of Senator Ted Cruz taking his family to Mexico during the crisis. A United States senator has literally nothing to do with the problems and no power to do anything about it, but he’s a monster for not caring enough, or something.

The Post worries, “While Biden has won praise for his quieter, more businesslike approach, he is also running the risk that he — and the federal government — can appear almost absent.”

He can only appear absent because he is absent.

There are questions as to whether or not Joe was mentally up to the job, but this is deeper than that. Of all the things Joe Biden, the man who hasn’t held a real job since being a lifeguard while getting his leg hair petted by small children and nearly rumbling with “Corn Pop,” is, the consummate politician is on top of the list. He knows how to pretend to care. He can read a teleprompter (most of the time) and furrow his brow at the right moments to give the impression he’s empathetic, like all politicians do. In this case, he’s not even trying.

Maybe he doesn’t care? Texas didn’t vote for him, and Joe has always been a vindictive person toward those who disagree with him. Or maybe he’s slipping faster than we know, and further than we realized? We won’t know for sure because the people with the jobs to find out are too busy fawning over everything the man does to give a damn about anything else.


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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