Joe Biden’s ‘Wimpy’ Jobs Plan

Posted: Feb 04, 2021 12:01 AM
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Joe Biden’s ‘Wimpy’ Jobs Plan

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden cares deeply about jobs, just ask him. He speaks constantly about how his administration will create millions of them, he just offers no specifics as to how. Meanwhile, his actions have already cost more than 11,000 jobs. But fear not, recently laid off pipeline builders, Biden has a plan, the Wimpy plan - he’ll gladly hire you Tuesday for ending your job today.

“Wimpy” was the character in Popeye, J. Wellington Wimpy, who was always broke and described as “very lazy and gluttonous.” In addition to those charming character traits, Wimpy shares this description with the current President – “Wimpy is also something of a scam artist and…can be quite underhanded at times.”

The Popeye parasite is most famous for the line, “I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” That, right there, is the economic plan of Joe Biden.

With the stroke of a pen, “Lunch Bucket Joe,” as Biden (and no one else ever) has referred to himself, wiped out 11,000 jobs, most union jobs, building the KeystoneXL Pipeline. There was no justification for it, just vague “It could leak!” cries from environmentalists who despise blue collar work and those who do it. But their hands are one of many slinking up Biden’s backside, controlling his mouth and actions, so they had to go.

Fear not, people who’ve lost their jobs! Joe Biden is promising that your lost job will be replaced…someday…by something for which you quite probably aren’t qualified…and won’t be anywhere near where you live. The “Wimpy” model – you’ll be made right…someday, probably.

That’s the rub; as Joe does all he can to destroy blue collar jobs, he’s swearing there are replacements just around the corner. But where is that corner? And why not wait to turn it before you kill people’s livelihoods, especially during a pandemic?

There is no reason to take the action Biden took against Keystone in the first place, but there was no reason to do it now, other than political payback. But his hollow words about creating new jobs has literally nothing behind it but his declaration that it will happen. The same jobs promised during the Obama administration that didn’t materialize are still about to be birthed, or something.

John Kerry, Biden’s Climate Comandante, announced that the real problem is these Americans made bad choices in their lives and he, through the power of government, is going to force them to make better ones. On employees in the oil and gas industry being put out of work by Biden’s orders, Kerry said they can get jobs building solar panels. He said, “The same people can do those jobs, but the choice of doing the solar power one now is a better choice.”

What freshly laid off middle class American doesn’t appreciate a good “I don’t approve of your job so you can’t have it anymore” from a guy born rich who married richer? Americans who live on a budget just love having it destroyed by someone who’s never been impacted by the concept.

That’s who Joe Biden is, and what Joe Biden is bringing about.

So where are these jobs? They don’t exist yet, but we’re assured that they’re coming, someday. Maybe Solyndra will reform, get another half billion in taxpayer money, employ a few of them for a little while before folding again? It’s more likely than the prospect of Joe Biden having a plan or even giving a damn.

The thing about “green” energy is this: if the technology were there for it to replace fossil fuels it wouldn’t need to be subsidized, it would need government mandates to use it. If it were ready, or even on the verge of ready, the investment flowing into it would be staggering, and they’d be hiring everyone they could (not to mention there would be no government actions shutting down pipelines, market forces would).

The World Has Gone Crazy
Derek Hunter

No matter what jobs come along, if any do, lives are being ruined and careers lost right now. All the promises of future – the promise of a job Tuesday for making you unemployed today – won’t pay your bills, won’t feed people’s families.

To the extent that Joe Biden is aware of it (and it’s an open question about the extent to which Joe Biden is aware of anything), he doesn’t care. No one around him cares about the lives he’s ruining. They didn’t care about the thousands of businesses destroyed and hundreds of thousands of jobs lost to BLM-ANTIFA riots and lockdowns, what’s a few thousand more? Besides, President Wimpy is promising great jobs on Tuesday…he just didn’t specify which Tuesday.

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