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Democrats spent so much of the last four years talking about “norms” and how they were being “violated” that you’d think they were extras on the set of “Cheers” talking about the latest revelations about Michael Jackson and some pre-teen kid. But, no, they’ve been whining about how President Donald Trump didn’t do things the way politicians did things – like constantly telling people only the things they wanted to hear. It’s a huge part of why Trump won in 2016, and why his supporters are so loyal – people are sick of being talked down to, demonized, or having so much smoke blown up their rear ends by politicians that they risk colon cancer. However, since “norms” are so sacred to Democrats now, conservatives need to make sure we continue the traditions they started during the Trump administration. With that in mind, welcome to the resistance.


It used to be that former presidents would leave the national stage and allow their successor room to operate without public second-guessing and criticisms. While George W. Bush remained silent as his successor blamed him for everything for the next eight years, Barack Obama proved incapable of leaving the spotlight. It didn’t take long for Obama to start whining about everything Trump was doing; after eight years of being treated like he couldn’t take a bath because he can only walk on water, not sink in it, he had to chime in on everything. Trump should too.

You can’t blame Obama, he’d worked so hard to prevent a Trump presidency that he’d violated his Oath of Office, the law, and any semblance of decency, when he ordered the powers of our national security apparatus to be trained on Trump through the people around him. He deliberately set in motion the Russia hoax, used by Democrats, either elected or in the media, to lie repeatedly to the public (and Democrats to fundraise off of), and hindering the “peaceful transition of power,” something sacred now. Another “norm” destroyed. Probably Trump’s fault.

Since we shouldn’t deviate from “norms,” Barack Obama should be impeached. Democrats have impeached Trump and hope to hold a trial in the Senate even though he’s left office, why not Obama too? It doesn’t have to be now, Democrats in the House would never vote for it, but if Republicans retake it in two years – game on. It’s a “norm” they’ve just established, that clearly means they want it.


Beyond impeaching narcissistic demigods, there are some other “norms” Democrats instituted that should be honored.

First, Joe Biden needs to be impeached himself. Impeachment talk started on Inauguration Day in the pages of the Washington Post. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t done anything, he existed wrong and had to go. Biden exists wrong; articles must be introduced, over and over.

Joe Biden must also be referred to as Hitler at any and all opportunities. Democrats spent the last four years redefining words in real time – “preference,” for example – that it would be wrong to not embrace their chosen verbiage for a president you disagree with. Besides, Hitler was a man of the political left, after all.

Also, everything is racist. Everything. Biden has a history of racism, which means anything that could be interpreted as racist should be. It probably is, anyway.

So is everything. When some backbench media-created “progressive” leader stands up in the House and whines about “systemic racism” or whatever they make up next to impose their will on people, call them racist. Don’t debate, don’t qualify it as just what they said being racist, they are racist. It’s the “norm” Democrats created, embrace it.

Also, if you happen to work in government as a permanent, non-political appointee, leak like a sieve. But don’t go to the Washington Post or New York Times, go to conservative outlets. Be smart about it, don’t get caught, but the public has a right to know everything, including private conversations with the president or with people who spoke to the president, or phone calls with foreign leaders. It’s the new “norm.” Do it in person, don’t use any devices – the Obama administration spied on reporters to find their sources, expect Biden to do the same.


Finally, don’t be civil. This one will be hard for conservatives, but it is a “norm” Democrats started, so they must want it. Treat media and elected Democrats the way they’ve treated conservatives the last four years. Meals aren’t private anymore, so don’t be afraid to say “hello” to them when you see them out with their loved ones or side-pieces. Film it, too.

And warm up to the idea of boycotts. When some idiot on MSNBC says something offensive, make a note of what companies are advertising on that show and let the world know what they’re subsidizing. And be prepared to sustain drawing attention to it, enlisting others, and don’t buy their products. Democrats try to destroy anything that does not toe the line of their philosophy, honor this standard.

For years, Republican leadership has prided themselves for “taking the high road” when it comes to partisan, personal attacks. They’ve also racked up loss after loss on everything but tax cuts, which always expire in 10 years anyway. The only thing the “high road” has given Republicans is a nice view of their defeats. Follow the lead of Democrats, honor their “new norms” and see how they like it.

Remind Lincoln Project liberals of their enabling and enriching of a sexual predator, badger advertisers on liberal websites and TV networks, if the liberal mob goes to a Republican’s home, swing by and say hi to a Democrat. Point out their racism, constantly. Being civil is such an old-fashioned way of conducting politics; confrontation, rudeness, and doing everything possible to destroy your opponent – no, your enemy – is all the rage now. These are the “norms” Democrats embraced in the last four years, it would be rude to not hold them to the standards they so clearly love. Viva la resistance!


Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.

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