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Imagine a world free of consequences. More than that, a world where your bad acts are largely ignored and where those that aren’t are absolved, where excuses are created and lies are told by others on your behalf. This is how so-called journalists treat their fellow Democrats.


Elizabeth Warren straight-up lied about being a Native American. She did it to get jobs, high-paying jobs. When someone finally got around to noticing that she’s so white her camouflage in a snowstorm is nudity, her story fell apart. But it didn’t matter. The media made sure to protect her, downplaying her 1/1024th rounding error percentage of possible Native American DNA.

Now Warren is back, this time claiming she was fired from a teaching job in 1971 because she was “visibly pregnant.” It’s a story she’s been telling on the campaign trail for a while, but one she hasn’t told in past campaigns. It’s also something the liberal media ignored, never bothering to look into it at all.

Then the Washington Free Beacon decided to check it out, finding the facts did not support her story. She was actually given another contract and resigned a few months later. In 2007, Warren even told the story differently, without any firing, just a decision to stay home with her new baby.

So why lie? That’s easy.

The Democratic Party’s nominating process has devolved into the “Woke Olympics,” and no position on the left is more coveted than that of victim. It doesn’t matter of what. This rich white lady with a history of sweet, high-paying gigs needed to find some way to claim her “victim cred” with voters. So she made it up.

When the curtain was pulled back, the Democratic press snapped into action. Alleged “news” stories were written about how those mean conservatives accused Warren of lying, but women were fired all the time 50 years ago for being pregnant. There’s a major disconnect there – that something happened with regularity in the past does not mean it happened to Warren. The evidence in the Warren case, including her own words, strongly suggests it did not happen to her.


But evidence doesn’t matter when protecting a Democrat. When Donald Trump tells someone the time, they fall all over each other to “fact check it.” When someone with a history of embellishing and lying about their own history tells of a pivotal moment in their life that doesn’t stand up to basic scrutiny, they circle the wagons.

Dozens of newspapers scrambled to cover for Warren.

The Washington Post, always the tip of the spear in protecting their fellow Democrats, led the way with 2 pieces in one day, “The Elizabeth Warren pregnancy smear shows how poisoned the media world is” and "Conservatives claim Elizabeth Warren lied about pregnancy firing. Women reality-checked them on social media.” The basic point of both is, again, the liberal narrative: it happened to women in the past. It was repeated everywhere.

This is like saying, “People have been mugged before, so Jussie Smollett was mugged.” The evidence doesn’t matter when the audience wants to believe. The average 2-year-old could muster better logic in arguing for a cookie, a cookie they would be denied because the average 2-year-old, despite possessing superior logic skills, is not a Democrat running for president.

Joe Biden’s drug abusing kid makes an absolute fortune from no-show jobs from foreign countries and governments his father has domain over and the investigation into how that came about is launched from the perspective of denial and consists of essentially asking Biden if he’s corrupt. He denies it, of course, and it becomes gospel truth, repeated as if it were the conclusion of an exhaustive amount of research. Even questioning Biden’s denial is framed as “manufacturing dirt.”


Cory Booker invented an imaginary gangster friend named T-Bone and campaigned in the past on the lessons his “friend” taught him. Kamala Harris claimed she smoked weed and listened to music on college from artists that hadn’t yet recorded a note. Bernie Sanders removed millionaires from his list of people to blame for people’s ills once he became one and he owns three times as many homes as the average American family. Beto O’Rourke, a wealthy man who married the daughter of a billionaire, declared his miserly charitable giving (0.3 percent of his income, $1,166) wasn’t what it appears to be because he didn’t deduct all his giving (then why did he declare any if it?), while claiming the time he’s spending running for office is charity.

You name the Democratic candidate and there is a story of raging hypocrisy or straight-up lies they’ve told right there for the world to see. Yet consumers of the Democratic “mainstream” media has only, at best, heard them in passing before they were memory holed. One story in each outlet, framed in the most favorable way possible, never to be repeated again. This protects the candidate from their deception and the media from charges they’re ignoring the stories.

Meanwhile, each of them continue to pound the drum against President Trump with lies. He’s a Russian puppet, he pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden, he praised Nazis in Charlottesville, and countless more. Each of these are provably false, yet are repeated by people who tell you their job is to find and disseminate truth.


It’s good to be a Democrat, because as a Democrat not only do you get to define the standards to which your opponents are held, you are not held to those standards yourself. Because the referees are on your team, you aren’t held to any standards at all.

Derek is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses.

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