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White Men Really Are The Worst

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is the latest Democratic Party candidate for president to make a very important point – white men and our culture are the worst. The whole field has, in one way or another, said pretty much the same thing. And you know what? They’re right, we’re awful. Especially those of us who are straight. It’s time to reject white male culture!


When you think about it, what have we ever done for humanity anyway? Michael Avenatti is one of us, so clearly not much. 

Well, not much if you don’t count the concept of liberty, democracy, ending slavery, liberating the world from fascism and communism, modern medicine, air travel, computers, cell phones, and just about everything good in life. Other than that, nothing!

Martin Luther King Jr used to talk about how it was his dream that Democrats would embrace segregation again and purge the culture of whitey, so it’s surprising they waited this long. Now, thanks to Democrats, we have segregated college dorms, graduations, dances, even segregated media coverage of mayoral candidates’ event, so they’re making MLK proud, or something.

Of course, everything above is absurd…at least the part about Martin Luther King. The rest of it is true, and thanks to Democrats, is becoming the new normal on the left.

Progressives have always worked in racism like an artist might work with paints or clay. They were coy about it after their overt plan collapsed in the 60s, but the objective and the results were always the same – separate people, pit them against one another to stoke suspicions, manipulate as necessary for political advantage. 


Fewer adults have been buying the political correctness used to divide in the past, but there is a wave coming of age on college campuses who view each other through a Democrat-imposed racist lens. 

Can my children be friends with white people?” a New York Times op-ed by a law professor wondered. This was not met with the disgust it should have been because the author blamed President Trump for what is clearly his deep-rooted racism. 

“We can still all pretend we are friends. If meaningful civic friendship is impossible, we can make do with mere civility — sharing drinks and watching the game. Indeed, even in Donald Trump’s America,” he continues, “I have not given up on being friends with all white people.” 

He sure seems lovely, doesn’t he? 

His “white friends” are people who agree with him. “But these are the friends who have marched in protest, rushed to airports to protest the president’s travel ban, people who have shared the risks required by strength and decency,” he writes. 

He’s not alone. Lest you think an article from 2017 is too old, here are some from just the past few weeks. . The Wrap has one entitled "Am I finally done with white guys?” Another one in the Times is called, “I broke up with her because she’s white.” Huffington Post’s entry is, “I’m An Asian Woman Engaged To A White Man And, Honestly, I’m Struggling With That.” It’s the KKK’s “death to all race mixers” mantra come to life, only from the party of tolerance, or something.That is and always has been the crux of the Democratic Party’s strategy – you are with them, or you are “other.” And “other” is the enemy. Anything you do to defeat the enemy is justified. Divide to conquer. It’s sick.


Currently standing in the way of Democrats imposing their will on the country is white people. Republicans win the white vote; therefore, they are the enemy. 

Even white liberals play this game. Old white guys like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have to denounce themselves in pursuit of power. 

Nothing cannot be weaponized in this pursuit. Search “white people” on Twitter and you see how effective this progressive brainwashing has been on millennials. White people are the root of all that’s wrong today, down to our diets ruining the planet.

It’s not really a battle to change the minds of white people, it’s a battle to warp the minds of everyone. Democrats believe if they can just demonize the concept of “white people” to the point they can inspire enough people to vote based on race they can fundamentally change the America, change the American culture. 

As an electoral strategy, it just might work. The tribalism they’re infecting the country which won them the House last year, and pretty much everyone in popular culture is singing from the same hymnal. It’s having an impact. 

Americans have been made to be afraid of and angry with one another based on the most irrelevant characteristics we possess because it’s effective. It’s based on history – horrible events no one alive knew anyone who went through projected on the lives lived at a time when most of our real problems have been eliminated by the culture and economic system liberals seek to destroy. 


But here’s the thing: it’s not “white culture,” as Biden put it, it’s American culture. All the wonderful things I listed earlier were created by Americans. The skin tone of the inventors never mattered and their creations were not for anyone based on it either. It was the freedoms we have in this country that allowed people, of any and every configuration, to take the risks that paid off, and the ones that didn’t. 

And that’s what liberals really seek to destroy – the entrepreneurial spirit that allows anyone to make of their lives whatever they so choose, whatever they can. The American Spirit. It’s the enemy of their agenda, the antithesis of modern liberalism. And no false promises of Utopian dreams can destroy that, no matter how often they demonize people for expressing it. 

Be an American. Love who you love, be friends with people you like and, perhaps most importantly, think for yourself. Because that’s what Democrats are really most afraid of.

Derek is the host of a daily podcast (subscribe, it’s free!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which is about how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. 

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