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Forget a wounded animal, there is nothing more desperate and vicious than a Democrat on the verge of losing a political battle. So when California Senator Dianne Feinstein released a vague statement implying some sort of criminal activity in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s past, it was not surprising. Republicans did what they always do – they tried to make nice. But this isn’t your father’s Democratic Party, appeasement isn’t possible when they will only accept capitulation. How do you find common ground with someone who wants to destroy you? Do you offer to be half destroyed? One-quarter? No. In fact, Hell no. It’s time for Republicans to grow a pair and govern like they won.


As I’ve written before, there is no bottom for the Democrats to hit. Feinstein, being challenged from her left in her reelection bid, lowered the “Democrat dirty tricks” bar to the point that you’d need a shovel to get under it. But mark my words, they are not done yet.

One thing that differentiates Democrats from Republicans is Democrats will do anything to advance their agenda, whereas Republicans might hold a vote. With Obamacare, many Democrats knew they were committing political suicide, but they wanted to advance the ball toward socialized medicine so desperately that dozens did it anyway. They were slaughtered at the polls. After campaigning for years on it, Republicans held a vote on repeal. After months of trying to figure out how to do it and what to do next, the half-measure failed because Republicans were afraid to do what they were elected to do.

Now comes the most important battle any Republican senator will cast a vote on, the main reason to have voted for a Republican senator, and they’re risking caving to the left yet again.

I don’t know what happened at a lame party 36ish years ago (the story is only 6 people were there), but neither, apparently, does the accuser. Somehow she remembers Judge Brett Kavanaugh allegedly attacking her, something so out of character for him that not one other single person has ever experienced anything remotely similar, but she can’t remember where it happened or even the year. She knows the county, that just so happens to be the county they both lived in. It’s a story that would be tossed out of any court.


 So, when I saw so many elected officials take her story seriously when it first emerged, I was certain Republicans were going to cave again.

The narrative was perfectly constructed – a reluctant witness who just wanted her story to be heard standing up to a big, bad…nerd. Yeah, I just couldn’t really buy it from the start.

That the story didn’t come out until the Democrats had no cards left to play told me all I needed to know.

I don’t know what happened to Christine Blasey Ford when she was a kid, but reading her account as it evolved, I’m not sure she does either. I do know I don’t believe her allegations against Kavanaugh.

It’s unpopular, even dangerous, to say that (politicians always walk a delicate line) especially in the age of #MeToo, but nothing about her story makes any sense.

At 15, your world is very small. You can’t drive, you presumably have a curfew, and you spend most of your time with friends. If she were attacked in a home with only 6 people in it, the likelihood of no one noticing her shattered state afterwards is minimal, loud music or not.

Plus, and this is very odd, she claims to be unable to recall the only 2 details Kavanaugh could use to clear his name – the where and when. If we knew where we could find out who owned the house and whether or not any such event took place there or if they had kids who might’ve had teens over drinking when adults weren’t home. If we knew when we might be able to find out if the Kavanaugh family were on vacation at that time, or he were somewhere else. Those are the only ways he could clear his name and they’re missing, she doesn’t even remember the year.


More curious is how this was all handled by Ford as an adult. In addition to not telling anyone at the time, or for decades, the original story was she only told her therapist, who claimed there were 4 boys in the room during the attack, which is now down to 2. The other, along with Kavanaugh, both say it didn’t happen and they were never at any such party.

Then she allegedly told a friend she had her own #MeToo story a while ago. How do you forget telling a friend, even years later, till people wondered why she never told anyone?

But the weirdest part is how her Internet footprint was scrubbed, she hired a liberal DC attorney to represent her, and allegedly took a polygraph test. She did all of these things before Feinstein released a vague statement about an anonymous allegation against Kavanaugh she’d held back for 6 weeks because the accuser didn’t want to be identified.

If she had no intention of coming forward, why prepare for coming forward by taking a lie detector test in August? If Feinstein wanted to respect her wishes, why release any statement at all? If she were going to “betray” the promise of anonymity, why not do it earlier?

Nothing else stuck, Kavanaugh withstood everything Democrats threw at him during his hearing. They were desperate and about to lose. And Democrats can’t lose when it comes to the Supreme Court – the courts are how they advance their agenda these days. They rarely pass legislation, they sue and have the courts declare parts of their agenda to be so, to be “rights.” If they lose the courts they have to try to convince voters, to sell their unpopular ideas AND, worst of all, make sure they’re actually constitutional. That terrifies them.


Democrats demanded Ford be allowed to testify, and Ford’s lawyer said she was ready to do so. Republicans agreed almost immediately, delaying Thursday’s committee vote to hear from the accused and the accuser on Monday.

After getting everything they wanted, Democrats and Ford then moved the goalposts, demanding an FBI investigation before anyone testifies. But the FBI doesn’t investigate these sorts of allegations. That didn’t matter, they wanted it and Ford said she wouldn’t testify until she got what Democrats started demanding first, conveniently.

Thankfully, Republicans appear to have had enough of this circus. Even fence-sitting Republicans have said if Ford refuses to tell her story at a hearing on Monday that the committee should move to vote the nomination forward.

Giving Democrats all they want is never enough, as soon as they and Ford got it they immediately wanted more.

This is the lowest of the low, at least so far. There are still 5 more days for the left to cook up something else. But an allegation almost 40 years old where the only 2 aspects that could be used to disprove it – the where and when – are not known should never, ever be acceptable in politics or anywhere else, no matter how serious the charge. If nothing else, Republicans need to stand up to this, strongly, to make sure it doesn’t become the new normal.

I detail how liberals use emotion to manipulate the public in cases like this in my book, “Outrage, INC.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood.” I discussed the book with Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, on CSPAN’s Book TV. You can watch the discussion here. And subscribe to my podcast to hear daily dissections of the news, how the left is doing whatever it takes to win in November, and why that would be devastating to the cause of liberty.


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