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Something awful is coming, make no mistake about it. Someone is going to get killed, either by an angry liberal mob or fleeing from it. There really isn’t any other place the current state of progressive left-wing politics can lead. Democrats, who hope to benefit from keeping that mob angry enough to vote, is playing a dangerous game of chicken that the violence just not happen until after November.

I wrote in my Sunday column, “When the leadership of the party does not condemn mob action against a Cabinet Secretary while she’s having a meal or is at home, disrupting her entire neighborhood, the next steps are only more dangerous.” That column was written before White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was chased from a restaurant in Virginia, before Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao was confronted by goons in Georgetown, and before Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged all of that and more. I knew we’d get to this point, I just didn’t realize it would be at the speed of light.

Where we go from here is dark and dangerous – someone is going to get killed.

A mob is pretty easy to rile up, it’s nearly impossible to stop. The only way to stop it is for the leaders of the Democratic Party to speak out forcefully against it, to condemn its actions. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, at least so far, have been reluctant to do it.

Yes, they were both critical of the call from Waters to confront anyone working for President Donald Trump, and if they are spotted in public to “create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Pelosi’s statement was released via Twitter, the least sincere way to do anything today. Schumer was more forceful, calling what Waters advocated “un-American.” But both qualified it by blaming the president for the escalation.

There’s no doubt Donald Trump has used harsh language as both president and a candidate, but what you won’t find, and what the media won’t report, is he doesn’t strike first. Take all the issue you want with the way the president responds, but he’s always responding to attacks, not launching them. When someone calls you a Nazi, racist pig what are you supposed to do? Send them an Edible Arrangement? No, you call them “an extraordinarily low IQ person,” as Trump did to Waters.

That, of course, sent liberals into a pearl-clutching frenzy, something they didn’t engage in when Waters called for assaulting or threatening administration officials (and if you don’t think being surrounded by an angry mob is assault or threatening, it’s never happened to you). Plus, Maxine Waters isn’t a particularly bright person.

The Democratic Party and their media tentacles are bending over backwards to justify the call from Waters and worse. It was so bad that a New York Times reporter called kicking Sanders out of the Red Hen restaurant “polite,” saying they comped her meal. The truth is she never got to the meal, she was tossed out before it was served. Then her party, minus her and her husband, went across the street and staff from the Red Hen followed them and harassed them further. Nothing about that is “polite,” it’s unhinged.

But unhinged is where the Democratic Party lives now. It’s really all they have. They can’t run on the economy, growth has been higher than they said was possible in 2016. They can’t run on jobs, we’re sitting on record low unemployment. Fear and anger is all they have.

As I describe in my new book, if you keep people in an emotional state you prevent rational thought, and rational thought is the opposite of the Democratic Party’s election strategy. But keeping a mob in an emotional state is a risky proposition. How do you maintain a simmer that doesn’t turn into a boil?

The truth is that if you don’t remove the heat, you can’t. People get worked up, then naturally begin to calm. And calm is what Democrats want to avoid, so they need to apply more heat. That’s how you get the ever increasingly heated rhetoric about Nazis and Hitler. Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size realizes Donald Trump is no Hitler, that enforcing the United States border is not anything close to the holocaust, but in an emotional state coupled with a mob mentality, IQs shrink.

Democrats are counting on that anger and hatred to fuel the turnout of their base in the midterm elections. But they find themselves in a situation where they have to keep the mob boiling while hoping it doesn’t boil over first. Given the level of contempt and hatred it has taken to get to this point, that seems like an impossible task.

Someone is going to snap. How can they not? If you truly believe the liberal line that the next Hitler is occupying the White House, you almost have a moral obligation to act to stop it. If that means harassing the people who work for him whenever they’re in public, that’s what you do. If that means surrounding their homes and harassing their neighbors, that’s what you do. If it means worse, that’s what you do. When you view your opponent as evil, there is nothing out of bounds and no “bridge too far” when it comes to confronting evil.

When whatever happens finally happens, either before or after the election, let there be no doubt where the blame falls. It will be the inevitable conclusion of an electoral strategy, a party building strategy of control and manipulation that has been in place for years.

I detail this strategy, how it works and how it has crept into nearly every aspect of society in my new book, “Outrage, INC: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood.” Please pick up a copy, not just because I want to increase book sales (though I certainly do), but because it’s important to know how you’re being manipulated in subtle ways you’re likely unaware of. Knowing is the most effective way of preventing.

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