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Sorry, Charlie, Perverts Are Not Society’s Fault

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There’s a neat little trick the liberals who’ve been outed as sexual predators have been attempting that is designed to absolve themselves of some of the guilt associated with their actions – blaming everyone.

I’m not talking about blaming the victims, that is still something reserved for conservative women. No, I’m talking about blaming society for their actions.

When Charlie Rose was exposed for exposing himself to women who worked for him, he did what has become the non-apology apology for his own actions and smeared his shame across the whole country. It’s the confessional equivalent of the “I’m sorry if you were offended” trope that has become all the rage with people who have large, insincere apologies to give.

“I have learned a great deal as a result of these events, and I hope others will too,” Rose wrote in his statement. “All of us, including me, are coming to a newer and deeper recognition of the pain caused by conduct in the past, and have a profound new respect for women and their lives.”

Sorry, Charlie, but it wasn’t “all of us” who were dropping our pants and parading in front of those women, that was you. And the rest of us don’t need “a profound new respect for women and their lives,” we’ve always had it.

You don’t get to pin this the rest of us, this was you and your ideological ilk who’ve been publicly professing your feminism while treating women like receptacles.

It wasn’t society that celebrated Hugh Hefner’s life when he passed, it was progressive writers and journalists who labeled that dirty old man some sort of champion for anything other than refusal to grow up. When Larry Flynt assumes room temperature I’m sure the same people will eulogize him as some kind of hero for free speech or women’s rights as well. He does, after all, target conservatives, which is all that is required to have liberals overlook any hypocrisy or depravity.

And that’s the real problem. Society isn’t at fault, liberalism is.

Liberalism allows its practitioners a pass for transgressions they’d otherwise decry.

Alec Baldwin can scream an anti-gay slur on the streets of New York because he’s not a homophobe. Al Franken can grab women’s butts or forcibly kiss a woman and grope her while she sleeps because he’s pro-abortion and abhors sexual harassment. It’s different when they do it.

It’s not a sign of societal ill that these guys don’t recognize their own hypocrisy, it’s a sign of their arrogance.

Harvey Weinstein didn’t attend the so-called “Women’s March” because he cared about the “cause” or even because he felt guilty about what he’d done, he was scoping chicks.

The world view of these “progressive” men has been so distorted by the echo chamber they live in and the media willing to ignore their actions that they became what they are, society had nothing to do with it.

No normal person thinks, “I really like this woman. Maybe I should strip naked and walk around her. That will totally work.” Or, “I’ll just really lay a kiss on her when she’s not expecting or wanting it, that’ll turn her on.” No, that’s not society fault, that’s on you.

The “everybody does it” defense is a wildly popular one among elementary school children because it makes some degree of sense to the mind of a child. Adults are supposed to know better, to know that an individual’s actions are the responsibility of that individual. Somehow, these papered primadonnas escaped this lesson, likely because their fame and money insulated them from it and isolated them in a world of like-minded people.

Whatever the case, their ignorance is their problem. They should not be allowed to shift it and any of the blame for their actions on to anyone else.

Society does not accept that sort of behavior, liberalism does.

Write a song about your stable of “hoes” and it’s cool because you perform at fundraisers for Democrats. Upgrade to a new 19-year-old lingerie model every three months and it’s all good because you tweet about how people need to reduce their carbon footprint from the cabin of your private jet.

Hypocrisy is not the exclusive domain of the political left, but it is their natural environment. The rest of society had nothing to do with it. 

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