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Just when you think leftists couldn’t possibly sink any lower, they break out a shovel. That’s what this week was like – an endless cycle of left-wingers reaching new lows. 

Normal people would be embarrassed, ashamed even, but the bubble in which these people function is sealed so tightly that oxygen depravation and the accompanying delusions has become their whole world. And in that world, fascism rules.

The week started with actress, spoiled rich kid, and awful human being Lena Dunham deciding to “report” to American Airlines that two of its employees allegedly had a conversation the 31-year-old brat did not approve of. Dunham wanted their heads, or at least their jobs. Why else rat out people who work for a living for what could only be assumed to be a small part of an overheard conversation? [WHAT DID THEY TALK ABOUT? NEED SOME HINT … SEX, WORK, LOVES TRUMP, WHATEVER]

Whatever happened in Dunham’s wealthy, privileged upbringing that turned her into what would undoubtedly be a Stasi informant will forever remain a mystery. That’s mostly because, as was the case with her false rape allegation against a college Republican to sell a book and her perverted acts against her baby sister, she has zero self-awareness that her actions have consequences. 

That this pathetic attention hound would decide the world needed to know what she claims to have overheard, and that it was unacceptable and people should lose their livelihoods because of it, expresses a level of narcissism usually reserved for fiction. But Dunham is all too real. And she’s all too common among the thought Gestapo in the Democratic Party. 

That an investigation found no evidence of her ridiculous airport story is irrelevant to her reality, and to her. The country will be better off when it decides to return that favor to Lena Dunham.

Next came Ashley Judd. She used to be an actress. She also used to be southern. Now she’s mostly a worthless left-wing activist whining about being a “nasty woman” on protest stages. It’s work, I guess.

She experienced what she called “everyday sexism” when an airport security guard was nice to her. Honestly, that’s about it. Her reaction to someone beneath her speaking in a manner she does not appreciate reminds me of every self-entitled, insecure actress I knew in college. 

What kind of a world must you live in to be compelled to tell the boss of someone who was nice to you that you felt their niceness was sexist? What is your character flaw that hears a compliment about your dress as an affront to your entire gender? 

Therapy, Ashley; either more or less. Whichever is the furthest from what you’re doing now because what you’re doing now is not working.

From “tolerant” liberal activists trying to get people they view as inferior to them fired to one of the largest companies in the world actually firing someone who dared think differently. 

Google didn’t act alone, or in a vacuum. It fired James Damore with the help of just about everyone in the liberal media. All those “real journalists” held him while Google hit him.

His sin? Calling for diversity of thought at the monopolistic tech giant. How dare he?

A fellow traveler at Google leaked his memo on diversity to a liberal website which ran it without any of the embedded links to the scientific studies Damore cited to back up his argument. It probably wouldn’t have mattered either way, not bowing to the progressive ideological gods is the only executable sin to the left. And Damore was quickly executed. 

So what did his memo say? That women are inferior to men? Of course not. (Even though it was reported that some women were so upset by being called more emotional than men that they had to call in sick Monday to deal with their emotional…oh well, you get the idea.)

Jonathan Last summed it up perfectly:

"(1) Because Google has an overwhelmingly liberal corporate culture, the company should be tolerant of dissenting opinions and cognizant of the dangers of confirmation bias.

"(2) The differences in gender outcomes may be influenced by a host of factors, only one of which is discrimination.

"(3) Google should try to remediate these differences in gender outcomes through non-discriminatory means."

For that, he was fired. 

CNN took the lead on buffooning itself over this “sexism.” Kind of weird how emotional the female anchors at CNN got over a memo that they allege claims women are more emotional than men, isn’t it?

So much so that none of them, male or female, appear to have read the memo, and if they did, they didn’t understand it

Google, the portal through which hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people get their news, made it clear it will not tolerate differences in thought. Makes you wonder if Google was willing to pervert the meaning of the words of one of their employees because it didn’t like them, what would it do with search results?

Would Google be willing to elevate news search results because those results conform to its desires? Once you show yourself willing to deny reality because you don’t like it, what’s to stop you from denying reality to others? 

We have only Google’s word to go on that this is not going on already. And that word has proven to be worthless.

It was a good week for fascists as the thought police were out in force. Only one person appears to have lost his job for “thinking wrong,” but not for lack of trying. 

But it wasn’t all bad news. These people have exposed themselves. Not that there’s a whole lot of opportunity to avoid the work of two actresses past what little prime they had, but now you know to. 

As for Google, the practical monopoly company that saves, stores, analyzes and sells every keystroke you make…there’s always Bing

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