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Democrats told us climate change would mean the end of snow. Although that clearly didn’t happen, the political environment sweeping college campuses may well mean the end of delicate snowflakes – the safe space-seeking crybabies so insulated from reality that the very existence of contrary worldviews causes them to need new underpants. Their future should, and probably will, mean a lot of time in their parents’ basement.


In the political world there are few people as decent as Vice President Mike Pence. Whether you agree with him politically is irrelevant – he has a reputation for treating staff, fellow members and all around him with respect.

In a season of protests, turned backs and riots over speeches, that’s what made the “walk-out” protest against the vice president’s commencement address at Notre Dame so pathetic. This tiny minority of entitled babies could not fathom the concept of being respectful to someone who exists with opposing opinions speaking on topics unrelated to politics.

That these snowflakes showed such disrespect to anyone is not that surprising; across the country there are hundreds of thousands of these fragile, delicate flowers incurring insurmountable debt to learn the crippling skill of not being able to cope with adulthood.

These “social justice” temper tantrums are getting to the point where the actions of a few can taint everyone. Honestly, who in their right mind would hire someone who went to the University of California at Berkeley knowing what that crockpot of crackpots produces? Unless, of course, that person was head of the Berkeley College Republicans, and even then you would have to wonder.  


Could you imagine the potential nightmare of having one of these hyper-“woke” mutants in your office? It’d be like inviting a member of the Gestapo or KGB into your work – ready, willing, and able to report you to the boss for any “microaggression.” No way.

The problem for the normal people graduating from these progressive petri dishes of outrage is they’re being splattered with the skunk-stink of guilt by association. I wouldn’t hire any recent graduate from Berkley, Notre Dame, Mizzou, Bethune-Cookman, and countless others because I wouldn’t want to risk pulling a rotten egg from the carton.

This attitude is, undoubtedly, the minority right now, but it’s not unique to me and it will spread. As it does, and hopefully before it does, there will be growing pressure on the normal students who are there just to get an education – the “silenced majority,” if you will, frightened into quiet – to speak out to protect their futures.

I have no incentive to help them, and neither do you (unless one of them is your kid). They have to help themselves. That could be the greatest lesson they learn in college – to stand up to an unruly mob of brats disrupting the calm for the sake of their own egos.


Until then they will be collateral damage. They will have jobs not offered to them because people simply don’t want the potential headache. If a short inspirational speech from the vice president of the United States is something you can’t handle, you probably aren’t ready for a job.

Deadlines will send these snowflakes under their desks, and companies don’t have designated huggers for when the boss isn’t happy (at least not yet, and God help us if they ever do). Who wants to be around them as adults when they finally emerge from their cocoon and realize years after most do that they aren’t special? Not only aren’t they special, but until they actually do something, if they ever do, they’re very, very ordinary.

I pity them in one respect. Many took out huge loans they’ll be paying for the rest of their lives for the privilege of being lied to. I would’ve lied to them for half the price, and I would’ve smacked them across the face with a dead fish upon graduation and told them most of what they learned was a waste and overpaying for a bachelor’s degree was just the first in a long series of mistakes they’re going to make in life.

That it is not what they’ve done to this point that will define who they are and what they do going forward. And to get the hell over themselves so they can get out of their own way because that is their only hope for success.


They would’ve booed me, turned their backs and walked out in disgust. But at least they couldn’t say they weren’t warned.

The vice president was much more generous and kind than I would’ve been, and they still walked out on him. But hey, at least they didn’t torch the place. That’s something, I guess.

Congratulations and good luck to the silenced majority. You’re leaving the place now where the tyrants tried to keep you quiet. Don’t be quiet anymore. Your future depends on it. And to the snowflakes, welcome to reality. Hope your parents have a comfortable couch. 

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