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Hillary's Horribles

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Yes, I know it’s Christmas, and if there’s one day where you should let politics go it’s today. But sometimes things happen that can’t go unremarked upon, no matter the day.


Such has been a series of events involving supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Clinton won the popular vote. Who cares? That was never, nor should it ever be, the measure that determines who is elected president. She knew it. Her supporters knew it. Her campaign knew it. They just chose not to campaign that way.

Call it arrogance or ignorance, but Hillary spent more time in California, a state she’d have won comfortably no matter what, than Wisconsin and Michigan in the final days of the election. She and her team made that choice, consciously. Just like she chose to call half of Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables” who, even worse, were “irredeemable.”

No one made her do that.

That became a rallying cry for Trump – and a way of life for many Clinton supporters.

There’s an old saying that goes, “If you want to know what Democrats are up to, just take a look at what they’re accusing Republicans of doing.” That’s exactly the case when it comes to those hardcore Clinton supporters who simply refuse to accept they lost; that people who have different opinions to theirs exist.

The fiery rhetoric coming from vehemently “progressive” Clinton supporters since the election has reached the point of instability. It seems as though some is aimed at inspiring some unhinged person to try to kill Donald Trump.


Non-stop equating Trump with some of history’s greatest despots and monsters – all leftists, by the way – can have an effect on the unstable. It is a point Democrats used to make when falsely accusing the Tea Party of “violent rhetoric,” stoking fears someone was going to get hurt. It didn’t happen, but the narrative was set and facts didn’t matter – the agenda had to be fed.

Now, major metropolitan newspapers are running columns condoning political assassination. Actually excusing the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey because Vladimir Putin is so awful. It’s not a long drive from there to all the stories claiming Putin “hacked” the election for Trump, especially for people overrun with media-induced fear.

If that weren’t enough, the same newspaper has on its website a quiz entitled, “Which Terrifying Political Voice Said It?” The choices? Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Donald Trump.

The outrage expressed by “journalists” over pictures of President Obama as Hitler at Tea Party rallies was memory-holed, as was the lecturing over heated political rhetoric being dangerous.

They didn’t mean it then. They knew the Obama/Hitler pictures actually were the work of progressive Lyndon LaRouche lunatics who show up at every political gathering, no matter the topic, and who are not remotely associated with the Tea Party. They carefully cropped the “LaRouchePAC” watermark out of the pictures of the posters of Obama with the Hitler mustache because without it the narrative of an unhinged Tea Party was served.


The media didn’t miss an opportunity to condemn any political disagreement with Democrats as dangerous. They even went so far as to blame the shooting by a President George W. Bush-hating lunatic of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., on a map of congressional races on Sarah Palin’s website.

The script is now flipped. Everything “dangerous” is now cheered because of the target. When an unstable pile of wasted human flesh couldn’t accept sitting on a Jet Blue flight with Ivanka Trump so much that he had to verbally attack her in front of everyone on the plane, including her children, it was the natural progression of the Democratic Party’s narrative. How could you not confront Hitler’s daughter in 1936?

Of course Donald Trump is not Hitler in 1936, nor at any other time. And the truth of Hitler’s leftist ideology and the absurdity of the charge doesn’t help Democrats, but it does keep their voters so angry they don’t question the party’s failures to connect with everyday Americans. So reality must be finessed.

That’s how you end up with a major newspaper slapping the title, “Men who ‘expressed displeasure’ about flying with Ivanka Trump removed from plane” on a story about a bitter, angry man yelling at a mother and her children because he’s been mainlining media spin about her father. That’s how you end up with an artist offended that daughter would buy their work, demanding it be removed from her walls.


The media and the Democratic Party created these monsters, and there appears to be no bottom to their depravity. The worst among Hillary’s horrible true believers, seemingly hoping to do harm to the president-elect and anyone associated with him, have bylines. If the current president or Clinton, or someone in newsrooms across the country doesn’t condemn these escalations, something awful will happen.

Then again, that may be what they want.

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