Progressives Can’t Help But Exploit Tragedy

Posted: Dec 18, 2014 12:01 AM

Few things upset progressives like a terrorist attack by Islamo-fascists. Not the act of terror itself, mind you, but the perceived “backlash” against Muslims that follows.

The progressive activist site Huffington Post was quick to cite an increase in “hate crimes” against Muslims in September “linked” to a public transit ad campaign it deemed “Islamophobic.” It wrote, “The rise of the Islamic State this summer, as well as the conflict in Gaza, Sarsour said, have contributed to the recent spate of violence against Muslims in New York City. Since July 1, there have been at least 14 hate crimes against people in the city's Muslim community. In 2013, only seven such crimes were reported.”

The “proof” HuffPo linked to was a story on New York from WNYC that reads, “So far this year there have been 17 reported crimes against Muslims — compared to seven during the same period last year.” But aside from getting the number wrong in its story, HuffPo conveniently ignored the immediately preceding line, which reads, “Anti-Semitic crimes reported in the city went from eight a month to 18 a month starting in July, as fighting in the Gaza strip between Israel and Hamas intensified.”

Kind of an interesting omission, isn’t it? (Maybe he called police and got updated numbers – which were somehow lower than the story he linked to – but he should have mentioned it if he did.)

When progressive “journalists” have a narrative, they never let reality stand in the way of it. And, more often than not, that narrative is either harmful or dangerous to the United States or just plain stupid.

When the terrorist attack happened this week in Australia, the hashtag “#IllRideWithYou” started trending on Twitter. It started to make Australian Muslims feel comfortable, that they wouldn’t be targeted for “reprisals” over an event that was still unfolding at the time. It went global.

What does it say about progressives that their first instinct, while an event is still unfolding, is to assume their fellow human beings are frothing at the mouth and view a terrorist attack as an opportunity to exploit?

It says they’ve awful people willing, or wanting, to use anything, any tragedy, to advance their agenda. As the rare mass shootings have shown, they don’t even wait for the bodies to go cold before they start co-opting them as props.

But it never pans out the way progressives fantasize it will.

The progressive, error-riddled embarrassment of a blog “Vox” couldn’t sit this one out – there were dead bodies, after all.

The “content director” at Vox authored an incredibly stupid post entitled “Stop asking Muslims to condemn terrorism. It’s bigoted and Islamophobic.”

Considering there isn’t an epidemic of non-Muslims demanding anything of Muslims, let alone a condemnation of anything (though it would be nice if they were vocal in ostracizing those who murder the innocent in their religion’s name), Vox wasn’t even launching a pre-emptive strike against any real problem, only burning strawmen. (The Forrest Gumps Vox writes for probably didn’t notice the author of that genius post called this myth “one of our society’s most quietly racist rituals” without realizing Islam is a religion anyone could convert to, not a race, but whatever…)

But Vox, which marinates in the third-grade-level “explanatory” tactic of “everything you need to know about X in one chart” idiocy, is a big advocate for gun control.

Its executive editor, a clown who routinely makes more errors that Chuck Knoblauch, wrote a piece called, “We shouldn’t talk about Ferguson without talking about guns.” You see, guns, and all gun owners, are the problem in America. All are the problem, and all must forfeit their rights because a few people (usually insane progressives who’ve snapped) abuse theirs. Strip all of their Second Amendment rights because a few do bad things, but don’t you dare ask anyone to condemn barbarism simply because violence is routinely done in the name of a religion they share.

Both concepts are stupid, but only one is real. And both are progressive.

Vox and Huffington Post are but two examples of progressives, who present themselves as “mainstream” in spite of the round rejection of their ideas by the American people, who gleefully exploit tragedy and the ignorance of their readership to enrich themselves and march their agenda “forward.”

The idea behind progressive propaganda has always been “the big lie,” and the bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed. At least by the ignorant.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen. Michael Brown was baked out of his mind and attacked a cop. Police aren’t hunting young black men, other young black men are. The vast majority of Muslims aren’t terrorists, but the vast majority of terrorists are Muslims. And the list goes on.

But admitting these truths means admitting real problems of crime, joblessness, a depressed economy, and true, engrained and institutional hatred in the world are the end result of progressivism. Misery and terror are the currency of progressives.