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It’s like we’re in a time warp back to the 1970’s. Not the muscle cars and wild times of Studio 54, just the bad parts – turmoil in the Middle East, high unemployment, food and gas prices through the roof and an occupant of the White House with no clue how to deal with any of it.


When asked about this administration’s failures, President Obama quickly becomes Vinnie Barbarino with his “Who? What? Where?” routine.

Vice President Joe Biden isn’t any better. In his debate Thursday, Biden took on a personality that was a cross between Bozo the Clown and Jaws with unnaturally white teeth.

We have Jimmy Carter Part II in the Oval Office with his own Walter Mondale – actually, a far more abrasive version thereof – telling the country the administration wants to raise taxes.

When it comes to the murders of our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and the other three Americans whose pleas for security fell on deaf or – more likely – indifferent ears, this administration quickly becomes Sgt. Schultz, seeing nothing, knowing nothing.

When asked during the debate on Thursday why those cries for security from Libya were ignored continually, Biden told the lie of campaign – that he, President Obama and the White House had no idea they had asked for more security. He said, “Well, we weren't told they wanted more security there. We did not know they wanted more security again.”

This was a lie so brazen, so absurd, and so contrary to everything we knew about the events leading up to the murders, including sworn congressional testimony given just the day before, even Andrea Mitchell of NBC News had no choice but to call Biden out on it.

Deputy Obama/Biden Campaign Manager and noted liar Stephanie Cutter, after having been attacked all day for disgustingly belittling the Libyan murders herself, couldn’t even bring herself to defend Biden. She claimed she somehow managed to have missed Biden’s lie, which took place in the opening minutes of the debate. You know it’s bad when the person paid to lie for you, the person who seems to relish making a fool of herself for your cause, can’t even bring herself to do it.


But someone had to attempt to defend it. It was too big a lie to leave hanging out there unspun. Enter Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications Ben Rhodes. I know what you’re thinking … “Who?” Yes, they had to go so far down the food chain to find someone willing to put a name on this one that they got a guy known only to his family and a few close friends.

He claimed the president and vice-president never were made aware of those security requests. It seems bombing a country for months and helping overthrow its government isn’t enough to make the two people leading our country and diplomatic missions around the world stay engaged for very long.

The upcoming anniversary of Sept. 11 didn’t seem to provoke much concern either … even though the only thing radical Islamists love more than blowing themselves up in open-air markets is anniversaries. Indeed, there seems to have been no curiosity on the part of our executive branch about the mess it created.

That is IF you believe this spin.

But think about it – how sad it is that the best spin Democrats can come up with is “We never told them and they never asked?” Let’s have four more years of that inspired leadership.

They tried to blame Republicans for “cutting” embassy security, but that bill passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support. And it’s up to the administration to allocate those funds to priority missions … and Libya clearly wasn’t one.


The only question now is: Who will be forced to throw themselves on their swords to protect the president?

The logical choice would be the secretary of state, but that’s where the president runs into a wall. Hillary Clinton already has eaten more crap for this president than a starving dog that broke into a cat’s litter box. Plus, the president needs Bill Clinton, who is much more popular than he, traveling the country campaigning on his behalf. Asking her to take yet another one for the team, especially one that risks such public humiliation, would only exacerbate the existing rift between Obama and the Clintons. That, even more than the shame and scorn of his policy failures, is something President Obama can’t afford.

That leaves the blame fully where it belongs – the White House. And there’s no way out of it aside from running out the clock. That’s what the administration is trying to do with its internal investigation. But it won’t work. This isn’t a sex scandal. This isn’t a money scandal. This has a body count that, unlike Fast and Furious, hasn’t been ignored by the mainstream media.

Where this will go and what this will mean for the election remains to be seen. The public tends to vote more on pocketbook issues than they do foreign policy disasters. But the ‘70s closed with a foreign policy disaster that helped swing the election, and the Obama economy rivals the Carter economy for its epic failure, so you never know.


Maybe we’re in a time warp and this is the ‘70s … only without the bell bottoms. The ironic part is this all could have been avoided if the president or vice-president had chosen not to lie and simply said, “I can’t express how sorry I am that this happened, and it didn’t have to. We weren’t prepared, and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure it never, ever happens again.”

But it’s too late for that now. The spin has been spun; the lies have been told. We don’t need a president who thinks he’s as cool as Fonzie was, with the same inability to admit he was wrong. We need a leader. That’s what was lacking in the White House at the end of the ‘70s, and that’s what’s lacking there now.

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