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Democrats, the Media and the Heart of the "Occupy" Movement

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“What do they want?” is a common refrain in the media these days. Left-wing talking heads and progressive TV hosts are still scrambling to figure out exactly what the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is up to. But this lack of knowledge hasn’t stopped nearly every person on the Left of the political spectrum from offering full-throated support for the unwashed, unruly rabble. But who, or what, are they supporting?


It’s been a month since the first group of professional protesting leftists squatted on a patch of private property in lower Manhattan, pitched a tent and started their drum circle. What we knew about them then is about what we know about them now - they’re angry.

There has been no mainstream media investigation of who these people are, how this came about or what they want beyond the superficial “They’re young, disaffected and worried about the future.”

That’s all well and good, but it’s not even in the same ZIP code as reality.

Normally, politicians would have to vet a potential endorsee before they’d ever consider offering anything beyond tepid support. Such is not the case here.

In a press conference, President Obama sympathized with the protestors and said he understood their frustration. Exactly what frustration remains encased in a thicker fog than the cloud of body odor hovering over Zuccotti Park.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi understands them too. She took her support a step further by offering a “God bless them” when asked what she thought. But what was she blessing?

Any look at this mob from anything lower than a helicopter flyover reveals a dark, dangerous, radical and anti-Semitic side.

Meet “occupier” Patricia McAllister. Patricia works for the Los Angeles Unified School District. She also hates Jews. She told Reason.tv, “I think that the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government, they need to be run out of this country.”


Even more disturbing than what Patricia said was the calm demeanor in which she said it. Anti-Semitic hatred flows casually, openly and freely at these events. She seemed somewhat concerned she might be overheard by someone who would take offense, that the person interviewing her might have a problem with it. But she had no worry whatsoever what she was saying might be anything other than fact. This woman is involved in some way with educating children.

Former Obama administration “Green Jobs” czar Van Jones, who resigned after his 9/11 truther and communist sympathies came to light, called for the American people to “stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.” Would you stand with Patricia McAllister? Apparently Mr. Jones would.

But Jones and McAllister won’t be alone. There are plenty of radicals and racists willing to stand up and be counted because they’re safe in the knowledge the hatred they exhale will not be covered by their fellow travelers in the media. Did you hear about Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky marching with communists? The pamphlets being passed out with a href="http://www.breitbart.tv/dem-rep-schakowsky-marches-with-communist-party-at-occupychicago/">calls to destroy Israel? The speaker decrying calls for non-violence, calling for French Revolution-type actions to cheers?

No? Weird.

How about Lisa Fithian, the professional radical anarchist who is helping run these events?

No? Seriously?

That’s because, aside from a few brave souls like my friend Andrew Breitbart and his “Big” websites, no one is covering these people the way they did the Tea Party. Reporters were dispersed into the massive crowds to find the most absurdly dressed people carrying fringe signs, then presented them as the norm. In any large group you’re going to find some kooks-that’s just the law of averages. But the media willingly portrayed them as representative of the whole.


Remember the Obama-with-Hilter mustache pictures from the Tea Party events? It was clear they belong to left-wing fringe perpetual candidate Lyndon LaRouche’s supporters, yet they were portrayed as Tea Party members. Even LaRouche supporters admit they found that odd.

Or the bogus charge that the N-word was hurled at black Members of Congress as they walked through a crowd on their way to cast their ObamaCare vote? That’s still accepted as gospel to the Left despite the fact that a $100k reward for proof it happened remains unclaimed.

Instead of the truth, instead of questions, we get cheerleading and cherry-picked camera angles showing perfectly lit, perfectly well behaved, smiling people. You’ll never see the fringe, the loons and the unstable on CNN or MSNBC, aside from the hosts. They’re too busy demanding conservatives admit these protests are “resonating” with people (in the newsroom at least) or saying they need another “Kent State moment,” only this time without the deaths. These are paid professionals.

The Media Research Center did a study of the “Big Three” networks and found that in its short life, not only did the “Occupy” crowd get more coverage over a two-week period than the Tea Party did over a nine-month period, but that coverage was significantly more positive.

Not being content with owning the spin machines, they’ve even cooked up flawed polling to bolster their case. Shocking, I know.

The best thing about the Internet is that we are no longer dependent upon these corrupt information brokers to be informed. Not to sound all X-Files-y on you, but the truth is out there...you just have to find it. Unfortunately, far too many of our fellow citizens still receive their “news” through the filter of this corrupt machine. But that number is shrinking every day. If this “occupation” has any redeeming quality, perhaps it will be to force even more people who seem willing to take the “Red Pill” to, instead, see the world for what it really is.


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