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Civility, Hand Outs, and NSFW Pictures

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File under: It’s Always Good To Keep Things In Perspective - If you think the federal government’s credit rating being downgraded was bad, S&P also downgrade Fonzie from AAAYYY to AAAYY+.

Ok, on with the news...

Why Won’t These Racist Terrorist Hostage Takers Embrace The New Tone Of Civility?

This week we avoided economic collapse when Congress passed a watered-down deficit deal. For our troubles we were treated to a stock market meltdown and a credit rating downgrade. Considering those were the things liberals told us would happen without a deal, it’s not surprising the left-wing flying monkey brigade immediately set about to blame the drop and the credit rating downgrade on Republicans.

But a Daddy Sorosbucks Igor from Media Matters trying to blame Republicans for anything isn’t news, it’s what all non-profit, non-partisan “Senior Fellows” do, right IRS? Well, they do that when not taking money from the SEIU to defend some of their goons who attacked an innocent black man for daring to think differently. But I’m straying...

The “Party of Tolerance®” Democrats, who will accept anyone...who agrees with them 100% of the time, forgot their meds this week and showed off their true nature. Their fangs came out.

Even in a column as long as I usually write, highlighting all the examples of “progressives” attacking conservatives with words much more descriptive and incendiary than any bullseye map posted on any website, would be impossible. It’s needs a book. Maybe a series of books, updated weekly.

That being said, there are some that are worth noting.

Vice President Joe Biden: Republicans have “acted like terrorists.”

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: “What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.”

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer: “Unfortunately, all the chambers seem to be loaded on the House side. They want to shoot every bullet they have at the president.”

Congressman Mike Doyle: “We have negotiated with terrorists. The small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

William Yeomans in Politico: “It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House ‘hostage takers.’ But they have now become full-blown terrorists.”

I could go on, (here are a bunch more examples) but what’s the point?

To call these “new tone” left-wingers, people who lectured Americans about civility after the Tucson massacre, hypocrites is an insult to hypocrites.

Katrina VandenHeuvel, who has earned the name “VandenAwful,” editor of The Nation (yes, it still exists), who grew up in a privileged New York household, has seemingly not been able to get past the guilt she feels about that since. She has, after a lifetime of spewing bile hate-filled rhetoric that would make Tokyo Rose blush, decided that Twitter is mean. After calling Republicans and the tea party “Bolsheviks,” “hostage takers” and saying they want to “Sabotage the Economy,” had the audacity to tweet the following to fellow traveller Joan Walsh of Salon:

“@JoanWalsh Twitter has gone mean. I respect debate & even heated engagement but mean, ugly & even vicious spirits need 2 find another outlet.”

Hey Katrina, I don’t know what you’re specifically talking about there, maybe someone called you a name, but I don’t care. I don’t know how many punches you expect someone to take before they hit back, not everyone is Ghandi. But if you expect others to treat you with respect, you might try giving a little yourself. Until then, shut the hell up and stop trying to ruin my country! (For some fun at KVH’s expense, check out this clip where both Joe Scarborough and Glenn Beck point out her disconnect from reality.)

But the biggest hypocrite of the week (I’d use a much less flattering word were this not a family friendly site) is Froma Harrop, a syndicated columnists and member of the Providence Journal editorial board who, in one column this week, said Republicans are “threatening to blow up the economy,” are “like the al-Qaida bombers,” “terrorists,” “extremists,” “ignoramuses” and “destructive children.”

Harrop managed that impressive hissy-fit in just 611 words, but that’s not why she’s this week’s winner. No, she wins this week because Froma Harrop, in addition to her duties at the Journal, is newly named president of the National Conference of Editorial Writers. Why is that important? Because of this:

“The NCEW is a 64-year-old professional organization. Its members include editorial writers, editors, broadcasters and online opinion writers. One of its new missions, the Civility Project, endeavors to improve the quality of political discourse.

How anyone can be civil when dealing with people like this, let alone take them seriously, is something that eludes me.

How Long Till We Have To Start Paying For The Drinks Too?

There may not be any such thing as a free lunch, but thanks to big government liberals, there are a lot of lunches that people eating them don’t have to pay for. In fact, there are a lot of things a lot of people don’t have to pay for...themselves anyway. And that list is now expanding.

The ever-growing list of things “progressives” declare as a “right” knows no end. College, health care, broadband Internet access, housing and now we’ve got cell phones and birth control.

If these...I’m trying to think of a polite way to say it...let’s just say blankety blanks who want to blank with your family’s blank so they can sit on their blank all day...well, you get the idea...get their way, no one will be responsible for anything soon.

Actually, that’s not true at all. People who actually work and earn for themselves will be responsible for everyone else who doesn’t.

The Left would like nothing more than to turn the United States into an upside-down pyramid scheme. The only problem with standing a pyramid on its head is it falls over, unless you bury the top. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what they want. But that’s a story for another time.

The Department of Health and Human Services, through implicit, not explicit, power granted it in Obamacare, has decided birth control should be available to every woman without any co-payments because, well, just because. Seems a small co-payment for a choice is too much of a burden on people with health insurance. But don’t worry, everyone will get to pay for it through higher premiums.

It used to be states that would issue mandates, but now the federal government wants into the game. It’s just too damn popular to get credit for “giving” people who don’t understand how the free-market works “free” things and get the credit for it. And don’t worry, if you have no need or desire for birth control, you get to pay just like everyone else!

That’s the problem with mandates - they screw over everyone to placate the simple-minded.

Liberal politicians love this game, and conservative ones fear it. Which do you think would be more popular - the person offering “free” stuff or the one saying it’s not a good idea? Forget the facts (so little in the policy/regulatory world is based on those) this is about feelings and, they hope, votes.

When a conservative does dare to talk about getting rid of mandates a liberal will inevitably say something like, “Why don’t you want women to get mammograms?” The media will swoop, and the conservative will run home, barricade themselves in the basement like Helen Hunt in Twister and wait for it all to blow over. Proof of the old axiom - Democrats are evil on health care and Republicans are stupid.

The problem is that mandates do drive up costs. If people were free to pick they type of coverage they want/need, it would be a lot cheaper. There’s no need for a couple in their 40s with 6 kids to have to pay for artificial insemination as part of their health care premiums. But in many states they have to. Why? Because one politician knows someone, or was contacted by someone, who can’t have kids and can’t afford it on their own. They introduce legislation mandating it and visions of campaign ads saying those who voted against it are anti-family dance in the heads of the other Members. It passes because no one understands that it will cost them a lot of money even if they don’t need or want it. Everyone complains about the price of health insurance, government has to do more...lather, rinse, repeat.

The dirty secret, and the common sense of it all, is health insurance companies would cover mammograms even without a mandate because it’s a lot cheaper to treat breast cancer when it’s caught early than when it’s caught late. They’d also be free to offer cheaper plans that don’t cover things people don’t need or want if they could. But they can’t. They have such a high floor of minimums they must offer that, in many states, the only choice in health plans people have is like being forced to buy a Porsche but having the ability to choose which stereo you want.

That’s not the only problem in health care, by a long shot, but to pretend it isn’t one is simply folly. But that won’t stop politicians from piling on mandates that are popular and unnecessary until the whole system collapses and government has no choice but to step in and take it over completely.

Liberal’s argument has always been that health care is too complicated for people to understand what they need. That’s the polite way of saying they think people are too stupid to know what’s good for them, which is the premise of all liberal governance. Some people may well be. We don’t know, we haven’t had the ability to choose for ourselves in any significant way since health insurance was shotgun married to employment in the 1940s. If we ever get the chance to be free again we’ll find out. And what we’ll find is that people who don’t know what’s in their best interest will ask their friends and family to help them. You know, like people do in nearly every other aspect of their lives...

And if you live in Pennsylvania you’ll be able to call your friends or family on your government provided cell phone. But only if you’re poor.

Yes, if you’re on public assistance in Pennsylvania you could soon be getting a “free” cell phone with 250 minutes on it per month. If you thought people talking on their phones in public was annoying before, just wait till you experience the joy of having someone shaking their change cup at you on the street while they’re chatting it up with someone begging on another corner. Fun! Add to that the knowledge that you’re paying for the privilege and just imagine the euphoria!

Yes, it’s sickening, but it’s also liberalism.

I don’t know about you, but I live in an area where “Independence Cards” are common currency. While it’s annoying to be behind someone using their card to buy Doritos and 12 packs of Coke, it’s doubly annoying to then see them whip out a wad of cash to buy smokes. If I also had to stand there knowing I’m paying for their ability to scream into their cell phone, something they aren’t lacking when they have to pay for it themselves now, I’m not sure the ability to remain silent will remain an ability I will have.

While this idea is only in Pennsylvania at the moment, stupidity spreads like pollen on a windy spring day, especially when it emanates from government. It’s only a matter of time before it comes to your state.

So now we’re all paying for the ability for people to have care-free-er sex and the ability to contact willing partners. How long till we have to pay for the water so these poor souls can shower so they don’t turn each other off? Or till we have to pay for the alcohol so they can turn each other on?

That is, of course, a joke. But when some jackass politician gets around to actually proposing it, remember you read it here first.

Also-Ran Stories

We’re Number 1! Ouch, My Liver! If you ever wondered why the government is so screwed up, wonder no more. Odds are the bills, laws and regulations you’re hearing about were written by a drunk. Washington, DC, has the highest rate of alcohol abusers in the country, according to a study by people who study such worthless things. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration study found that 8.1 percent of people over the age of 26 are alcohol dependent in DC. That makes sense, once you’ve seen the dinosaur bones in the Natural History Museum the next logical question to ask yourself is, “I wonder what that looks like when I’m drunk?” For a town called “Hollywood for ugly people,” it makes sense there would be a need for people to have a need to drink each other pretty. If there’s a silver lining in this study it’s that the data is from 2008-2009. When this study is updates, and it will be updated, I fully expect the numbers to drop significantly. This town hasn’t had a Kennedy in it since 2009...

Never Open An Attachment In An Email From A Democrat. I don’t know what it is about Democrats that makes them feel the need, and uncontrollable one it would seem, to NOT take and send naked pictures of themselves to people. First it was Congressman Anthony Weiner sending pictures of his...last random women he’d met online, and now it’s New Jersey Democrat Louis Magazzu. This guy isn’t on the national stage, which is good since he’d probably flash everyone, but he’s a Democrat none the less. Louis sent the full-nude picture to a woman who handed it over to his political rivals. In an early leader for “Understatement of the Year,” Magazzu said, “Unfortunately, in my personal life, I did not always demonstrate the wisdom and balance that I expected from myself, and that the people of Cumberland County deserve and have every right to expect.” Ya think? I’m not one to get into gender politics, but I can’t help but notice the lack of this level of stupidity from female politicians. Given that Nancy Pelosi is one of those, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that that trend continues.

And In The End...

He’s Awesome, Just Ask Him. If the name Jon Huntsman doesn’t ring a bell with you you’re not alone. However, if it does you might be alone. The former Utah Governor and US Ambassador to China is running for the Republican nomination for President, but he’s yet to catch fire with anyone outside of the media...and that seems to include his own staff. For a second time the Huntsman staff misspelled his first name, they wrote John in a mailer and it’s Jon. That could be fine, most people wouldn’t notice that and it’s a common mistake, though one someone in the food chain of anything sent out to the public should catch when you’re paying them. The more egregious error came from the quote on the mailer’s front - “The Conservative Problem Solver.” It was attributed to the Wall Street Journal, and it is from a WSJ story on Huntsman. The only problem is that it’s from a quote by Huntsman about himself and what he thinks people will say about him once they get to know him. Here’s a couple of free pieces of advice for Governor Huntsman: 1) If you have to tell people you’re something you just might not be that. If you are, they will get it. If you aren’t, well... And 2) Fire everyone. Either they aren’t serving you well or you aren’t serving them well. Since you’re the one paying the bills... Come to think of it, you hired these people...maybe you should fire yourself.

And finally, a deal has been worked out to fund the FAA. That’s right, they’re back to work. We can all take comfort in knowing people we didn’t notice were gone are now back to doing whatever it was we didn’t notice they weren’t doing in the first place. It’s good to work for the government...Just not so much fun to be paying for it.

That is all, now go about your week.

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