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Donald Trump’s War of Independence

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Donald Trump is leading America’s third war of Independence (the first two being in 1776 and the War of 1812).

Donald Trump’s declaration of independence from the Establishment in both parties was long coming.  He bounced between parties for two decades before coming to the conclusion that both parties worshipped globalism. He had no choice but to run for the Presidency.  His candidacy is in fact America’s Third War for Independence. 


Trump’s campaign touched the taproot of the Electorate.  Most Americans cannot quite put a finger on the reason,  but understand one thing: they know they have been sold to international kingmakers by both parties.

Brexit is the United Kingdom’s Declaration of Independence from the European Union – a takeover by lawyers, globalists, and Communists who achieved on paper what the Romans, Hitler, Hannibal, and King Charlemagne temporarily accomplished by military force.  

Trump’s War of Independence is far more complex than anything before it.  Prior to 1960, geographic borders were the primary boundaries buttressed by military strength. Those simple days are long gone.

Sovereignty in a high-technology world today depends on what I call “The Five Elements of Independence”, but protected by aggregated military and technological prowess: 

  1. Geographic borders
  2. Economic/monetary borders
  3. Legal borders
  4. Political borders
  5. Social borders

The United States and Western Europe are in grave trouble because of the rise of Globalism, which places the “interests” of the entire world above those of individual nations.   Globalism calls for replacement of the Five Elements of American Independence with rule by unelected Libertopian academics beholden to the investor class.  The primary machinery involved is the United Nations, World Court, the IMF, NATO, and the European Union.


Globalism is a Frankenstein hybrid of John Maynard Keynes and Karl Marx.  Nations are placed on a chess board to be remotely manipulated by the Investor and multicultural academic classes.  Jobs go to low-paying countries.  Corporations and investors locate corporations and take profits in countries that specialize as tax havens.  The working class has either subsistence pay or no work at all.  The richer nations on the chessboard with larger populations see shrinking tax bases, mounting poverty, slow-lane economies, powerless and corrupt government, deficit spending, and growing poverty and crime because they are essentially being robbed in broad daylight by international Marxists.

Financial consequences cannot be contained forever in the patchwork of survival monetary gimmicks.  Risky debts are sold as assets.  Banks, governments, and stock markets are floated by endless quantitative easing and free money.  Driverless economies plod along like zombies focusing on survival. Stock markets convulse like heroin addicts upon any hint that quantitative easing or zero-percent interest rates will end.

Driverless economies have no ability or drive to succeed.  There is no incentive to excel and every incentive to take on more debt under IMF  global socialist policy masquerading as banking policy.  While the world displaces financial pain, the investor class continues to expand wealth at the expense of the little guy.  


Private world debt is now $152 trillion, red-lining at 225% of Global GDP, nearing Japan’s current toxic record of 229% of GDP.  

The United Nations and the World Court are direct threats to our legal independence:  foreign lawyers and courts can conveniently manipulate American’s legal, economic, social, and political at the whim of Libertopians. 

The E.U. was established by Brussels globalists to establish a profitable Empire serving the investor class that Romans, Hannibal, Hitler, Napoleon, and Charlemagne, and the U.S.S.R. could not accomplish by military force.  Brexit is the first shot across the bow returning the nations of Europe to Independence.

The porous nature of international finance brought devastating consequences to our political system. Foreigners openly meddle in our electoral system via PACs.  We now have strong evidence that foreign policy has been influenced by the Clintons and John Podesta profiting by sales of military technology to Russia.

We now have a “one party” corporate-political complex comprised of Republicans and Democrat Globalists terrified that Donald Trump will take down the Globalist Kingmakers in November.

I greatly admire Donald Trump’s policy.  He calls for a return to a balanced economic model closer to Mercantilism that will make America rich again. “Fair” trade is not “isolationism” -- the phony rhetoric globalists misuse.


Trump’s policies empower the little people to have jobs and get ahead – which is still the American Dream. Hillary’s policies empower government to fail trapping the little people on managed plantations.  

Donald Trump looks to the best non-beltway specialists for policies to turn America around. Hillary looks to John Podesta and the Center for American Progress to keep America chained to the Democrat hitching post.

Those who criticize Donald Trump’s for being a “selfish rich guy” owe him a big apology.  His trade policies will make his caps and T-shirts (made in China) cost 35% more.  In fact, Donald will probably move manufacturing back to New York City to avoid the import penalties – along with a very long list of globalist manufacturers who cheated America out of work and trillions in tax revenues for decades. 

Do I mind paying more for goods?  Wait – the moderator asked the wrong question! When my taxes decrease 20% or more, the net cost to me will be negligible. 

I am greatly looking forward to a reborn Great America with sound finances, a government that says what it means, and a satisfied working class rising from the ashes of our urban cores. 

Donald Trump is the first candidate I have seen capable of turning America around.  Bringing jobs back means big reductions in poverty, more contented middle-class marriages, reduced expenditures for welfare and prisons, a new generation of children who succeed, and a balanced budget.  This is a brilliant recipe for success no Republican candidate before has ever undertaken.  


On election day we have a simple choice:  we can vote for Donald Trump or for the globalist kingmakers. 

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