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The Debate: A Vote for Two Men or a Vote for Two Ideologies—One Will Save America and Keep Her Strong

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Regardless of who we think won or lost the debate and no matter what the media believes, the upcoming election is going to be about America’s future. Unfortunately, it also needs to be about parties—two very different parties. Anybody voting in this election must consider the parties. Look at one party, the Obamacare party, who watched as President Obama stood at a State of the Union speech and lied to the American people about the average cost for a family for health care and that it was going to go down $2,400 a year; that they'd be able to keep their doctors, and they'd be able to go anywhere they wanted to get care.

Does anyone remember Jonathan Gruber? The MIT economist, the architect of Obamacare, who met hundreds of times with President Obama in the White House, that was exposed because of an open mic, speeches, leaks, and other disclosures that came out in 2014. Gruber talked about the public’s “stupidity.” We came to discover that President Obama intentionally lied to the American people, the “stupid” American people. We came to understand, after Gruber's testimony, that this was the stepping stone to government-controlled medicine, a stepping stone to socialism. The Democratic Party, which admitted that they never read the bill before they voted on it, looking for the demise of Medicaid and Medicare that would be replaced by our new socialist medicine, Obamacare.

How is it possible that all of a sudden everyone forgets about Jonathan Gruber? Our lack of memory could prove to be the cause of America's extinction. American politics has a big problem—politicians are free to lie and say whatever they want to say, knowing that the American people will forget what they have done. Debate moderators of all parties in one way or another, and even candidates themselves, forget about the State of the Union speech where Supreme Court justices shook their heads saying “liar” for the first time ever as the president of the United States flat out lied to the American people.

The Democratic Party has gone so far left that it is truly a Marxist or Socialist, maybe even a Communist Party. This is what the far left desires to create in order to gain more social control—to create an agenda without God, without a moral compass and without absolutes. No one seems to want to write about this, talk about this, or debate this or remember this. We have one party that desires to become leadership in the globalist agenda. Many of us, as Christians, understand what some of this means because we have a unique advantage, we know how this story ends.

We watched a particular party for eight years that stood by while the poverty rate went up every year. People became more and more dependent upon the government. Food stamp usage hit record highs, disability benefits hit record highs, minority unemployment rates hit record highs, labor participation hit record lows, and wages didn't go up for eight years. It was the first time in our nation’s history where we had a president that presided over eight straight years of below 2 percent GDP growth.

Now it seems that history is trying desperately to make an attempt to change that dismal trend. I might add we had a political party and a president that decided to sign a Paris Accord on carbon emissions on a Tuesday, and the following Thursday agreed to export crude oil where it could be refined in countries making a much larger carbon footprint in the world than if it would have had it stayed on our shores. For eight years we had a president who wanted to be president of the world—one who apologized for American exceptionalism and who took our Navy to pre-World War II levels, and our Air Force to World War II levels, while dismantling and disarming our armed forces. All of this should have served as a severe warning about the direction of a political party. How can this now be forgotten?

Yet here we are in a debate of two men without any understanding of the party that wants to destroy America compared to a party that wants to save America. The American people cannot take the events of the Democratic Party of the past 10 years as some sort of one off. This party’s ideology for the past 10 years is not going to change in an instant in a voting booth; it is only going to go further left. This is a party that is hell bent on completing a movement and moving forward with their radical progressive agenda.

This election is about a party that believed that Hillary Clinton was going to be the finisher of their anti-America plan. Now, they have a new finisher if Biden is elected—Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris. Please! We cannot be so naive as to forget the past agenda that will progress to a much worse place. We cannot be a voting public who thinks that the Democratic Party is going to do anything but move what we have already seen to a place of no return. 

This election is not about Biden versus Trump. This election is about a Communist Party, whose one mission it is to fundamentally change America and lie about that change, compared to a party that has brought America back through its record of keeping Americans and the American worker and American family safe and strong. The other party is about killing babies and re-defining God’s words to justify their actions, instead of a place where children will live free under the safety of law and order.

Listen, we could lose America as we know it. Maybe we will see God’s plan for an unrepentant people. But we can’t deny the truth that we are God's people, His instruments; we need to fight to vote for what we know is right, for an America that we know was built upon the truth of God. 

We need to fight for what is right until God reveals His will. The contrast is vast and the consequences of how we vote will be more consequential than when we declared our independence from a very different type of tyranny. Let’s not forget the failures and foolish quest of the left. Let’s come out in force to save God’s America with a vote for America. 

(Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, Inc., and host of the nationally syndicated radio and television program “Financial Issues,” heard daily on more than 660 stations across the country, reaching millions of households on several TV networks, including FISM-TV. Visitwww.financialissues.org.)

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