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Democrats Spinning a Fairy Tale in Charlotte

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The corrosive theme pervading the Democrat convention is government is the solution to all our ills and “we the people” can achieve a government subsidized American Dream. From birth control and automobiles to education, housing, work and food on the table, the answer in Charlotte pushed by Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren, and Bill Clinton is “Yes, we can with government.”

The one thing missing from liberals’ mantra is how America is going to pay for all this government largess. In nearly four years, Obama spent $6 trillion more than George Bush spent in eight years in office. This has driven the country’s debt to $16 trillion US history, weakening our standing at home and abroad, yet Obama wants to continue to spend. “America can’t be great if we go broke,” wrote the Simpson Bowles debt reduction commission.

Michelle Obama kicked off Democrat National Convention pushing her husband’s campaign rhetoric of divisive class warfare and spending with a spoonful of sugar. She attacked success and said those who earn success should “give other folks the same chance.” This was code for “the haves” should pay higher taxes so government can pay for everybody else’s student loans, healthcare, and anything else under the sun Obama decides.

Michelle said her husband’s vision for America “isn’t how much money you make, it’s the difference you make in people’s lives.” And that difference according Obama’s worldview is to create “success” for all Americans by growing government and level the economic playing field by robbing hard earned wealth from one group and redistributing it to others. That’s called the government decides and you receive: socialism.

Wednesday night we heard from a shrill band of Democrat women, demanding this that and the other from government. Infamous law student Sandra Fluke spoke. She’s the same Fluke who doesn’t think women should pay for their own birth control even though she can pay $100,000 to attend Georgetown Law School. Fluke gave a redux of her Hill testimony supporting the Obamacare mandate that all insurance plans including Catholic organizations must pay for birth control of its employees, even if it violates their religious beliefs.

Elizabeth Warren gave a rousing speech, which stirred up the liberal base, hungry for government intervention. As mastermind of the new costly Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Massachusetts Democrat Senate candidate, Warren said individuals aren’t responsible for anything in life because the “system is rigged against them.” She agreed with Obama that government needs to be the caretaker of your job, your health, your house, etc. Warren’s diatribe was worthy of Lenin, Marx and Stalin.

But the icing on the cake was when President Bill Clinton took to the Charlotte stage and gave an unconvincing but electric performance why Obama deserves another four years to spend and grow government. Ironically Clinton was the champion of “The era of big government is over,” as he boasted in his 1996 State of the Union address. Yet, he defended Obama’s $6 Trillion of spending as improving the country thought Clinton balanced budgets. Obama’s binge spending has accomplished nothing but misery for Americans, unemployment of over 8% for the past three years, the first US credit downgrade in history, less than 2% economic growth.

Everyone knows by now, in 2008 Clinton despised Obama for running a race infused campaign against his wife Hillary Clinton and said Obama’s campaign was “the biggest fairy tale” he had ever seen. Yet, Clinton spent nearly an hour Wednesday night telling the crowd they should re-elect Obama because he “inherited a mess” but he’s “committed to cooperation.” Because Obama gave himself a grade of “incomplete,” Clinton reached back to 1961 to compare how many jobs Republican and Democrat presidents have collectively created to make Obama’s abysmal jobs record look good.

Like Obama, Clinton made up excuses why Obama is doing poorly and needs another term. Clinton said it’s because “Republicans hate President Obama” and Obama “tried to work with Congressional Republicans on health Care, debt reduction, and jobs.” Bill doesn’t mention Clinton had a Democrat majority in Congress his first two years and instead of fixing the problem made it worse with failed a $800 billion stimulus, $2.3 trillion Obamacare and $22 billion Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act. Conversely, Clinton worked with a Republican Congress and got things done because he compromised with the opposition. That’s what presidential leadership is about not blame.

Clinton’s speech was more pregnant with excuses why Obama wasn’t doing well than his successes. “President Obama started with a much weaker economy than I did. No President – not me or any of my predecessors could have repaired all the damage in just four years. But conditions are improving and if you'll renew the President's contract you will feel it,” said Clinton.

President’s run for office knowing it’s the hardest job in the world. In 2008, Obama proclaimed if he didn’t fix things in four years, he didn’t deserve another term. The American people can’t run on hope anymore; we’re empty like Obama is of a plan. It’s pretty indicative how weak a candidate Obama is when he has to ask a former president, who despises him to come to his rescue. According to the book the Amateur, Bill not only told Hillary Clinton Obama was “in over his head” but also encouraged his wife to challenge him in 2012 for the Democrat nomination.

For nearly four years, what Obama has “revealed” about himself is he’s not capable of leading, he hasn’t improved things and he should be fired! What Democrats like Bill Clinton are spinning down in Charlotte is one big Obama fairy tale.

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