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I am a conservative, which means that I believe in fiscal responsibility, free markets, personal responsibility and the Constitution. 

When the voting choices are between a Democrat and a Republican, the choice is easy.


I vote Republican because that gives me better odds that my candidate will be fiscally responsible and loyal to the Republic.

I don’t even know what a fiscally conservative Democrat looks like.

But then again there are other people who vote Republican who bear no philosophical resemblance to me. 

They think that it’s okay to kill babies without restraint, raise taxes and grow government.  I don’t know why they call themselves Republicans, because their philosophies do not even remotely mirror the Republican Party platform.

But I trust, like me, they want to save the Republic.  

As a citizen activist and a voter, I see it as the only job right now is for everyone to help save the Republic from socialism and fiscal destruction, which by the way, always go hand-in-hand. 

That’s why I want a presidential candidate who has no history of cozying up to terrorists; nor do I want a candidate friendly with religions and countries which do not denounce terrorists; or who allow illegal immigrants to come here; or those that support socialist policies. 

For me that means I must omit Chris Christie, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney from receiving my support. That’s the way I roll, to save the Republic.

I’m wary of supporting ANYONE hyped by the MSM, because they think their job is to promote the biggest RINO among the field.

No doubt, the MSM wants a Democrat to win. And just as they promoted John McCain, to the shock and horror of my fellow conservatives, they will again promote somebody whose policies bear no resemblance to conservative policies. 


And then they will refer to that person as a “conservative,” which really galls me, because the public is unfortunately gullible enough to believe that somebody is conservative simply because the MSM says so.

The MSM will keep its distance from or attack any truly conservative candidate who can stand firmly on their record, because the true conservative stands a much, much better chance of winning a presidential election than a RINO.

That’s why I want to see Sarah Palin run.

Sarah Palin’s record in Alaska shows her to be the bravest, most effective executive I’ve ever seen.  She accomplished incredible feats as Governor and united Democrats and Republicans in order to succeed with projects which brought great prosperity to her state. 

She swept the Capitol clean of traditional political corruption and cronyism in situations where typical politicians wouldn’t dare risk their political capital and financial support by rocking the boat.

Sarah Palin scares people. And that’s good.

I can understand why she’d scare politicians, especially when entering a federal government completely taken over by Chicago-style thugs. 

But in my opinion the liberal fear of Sarah Palin is incredibly silly. 

Yes, yes, I know they’re terrified that she’ll force them to have Down Syndrome babies, like she did. She chose life.   

And so what they are really afraid of is that Palin stands for things and lives by them; things that they can’t comprehend and it scares them.


We are at a crossroads in America, where the single most important issue is saving America from a socialist train wreck.

Listen carefully:

If we do not elect a fiscal conservative in November 2012 who will dramatically rein in debt and spending, remove onerous business regulations and decrease corporate taxes, your concerns over issues like abortion will be moot, because in socialist governments, your opinion does not count.

If we save the Republic, you still get to fight over issues.  If we lose the Republic, your government will tell you EXACTLY what you can and cannot do with your reproductive system, money, cars, houses, kids, health.

You want everybody to have abortions?  Then you need to save the Republic first.

You want nobody to have abortions?  Then you need to save the Republic first.

You want to save the Republic? 

Elect somebody who has already saved her state: Sarah Palin.

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