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AP Photo/Gregory Bull

The situation along the United States-Mexico border worsens as the Biden Administration continues to hold up a vacancy sign to the world. The humanitarian crisis that is happening because of President Biden’s dereliction of duty is coming to a neighborhood near you.


It is Biden’s invitation to “surge to the border” that has brought more human, sex, and drug trafficking than ever before. A group of 112 individuals recently entered the U.S. illegally and surrendered to Border Patrol agents. In today’s world that isn’t so unusual.

But, in that group of 112 the oldest was 94years old! The youngest was only 4years old. That child was traveling without a parent, guardian, or any family member. Someone put that child’s life at risk by placing the child into the hands of the criminal cartels. 

An American parent who did that would lose his or her rights to that child and likely be arrested. The Biden plan is to take that child and give him or her to someone in the U.S. who may be here illegally, and may have endangered the life of that child.

The other night I joined some of my Republican colleagues along the southern border near McAllen, Texas. As we drove and walked along the Rio Grande, we saw signs along the dirt road telling illegal border crossers the directions to a facility where Border Patrol agents would be waiting for them.

When we drove by the facility there were hundreds of people who had recently crossed the river illegally and waited to be picked up and processed, then swiftly released into the interior of the United States. 


We passed three different groups totaling more than seventy people—many of them women and children—who had made the trek by paying the vile criminal cartels who traffic in sex, drugs, and humans.

The system is upside down. If most of those same people showed up at a port of entry, as all legal visitors of the United States do, they would have been turned away because there is no provision in the law to admit them. 

But under Biden’s inhumane open borders policy, those who illegally enter the U.S. between the ports of entry will be given the opportunity to work and live in this country instead of being removed to their home nations. 

That means Americans will pay for in-person schooling for illegal alien children, while many schools remain closed to children who are legally in the United States.

It means that Americans foot the bill to provide education, healthcare, foster care, housing, food, transportation, and in many cases, legal services, for hundreds of thousands of people who have illegally entered the country.

This type of nonsense must end now. It can end rather quickly if we have the will.

The first step to end this is for President Biden to loudly proclaim to the world to stop coming. This won’t happen, because he and his administration campaigned to open our southern border. They are getting exactly what they want. And their success is creating a catastrophe for America.


Biden should reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) otherwise known as the Remain in Mexico Policy and the agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. He should finish the border wall. He should rescind the COVID relief payments being given to illegal aliens (and imprisoned felons). 

He should order immigration law judges to the border and put the newest asylum cases to the top of the pile. The backlogged cases for asylum seekers number in the hundreds of thousands. They can wait. The last-in, first-heard method would expose the tens of thousands of new fraudulent asylum claims and remove those people from America.

This is no longer simply a border state crisis. The “Biden Inhumane Border Crisis” now reaches into every corner of the nation. If you haven’t directly felt it yet, you will.

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