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In 2013, at the annual Export-Import Bank conference, then-Vice President Joe Biden said, “The affirmative task we have now is to create a new world order. … We have to update the global rules of the road and we have to do it in a way that maximizes benefits for everyone because obviously it is overwhelmingly in our interest. This isn’t a zero-sum game, it is overwhelmingly in our interests that China prospers … We want everybody to have a little money.”


Seven years later, this new world order Biden spoke about in such rosy language could be well on its way. Say hello to the Great Reset, brought to you by the World Economic Forum (WEF), among others.

Using the COVID-19 crisis as a pretense to implement the Great Reset, WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab said at the plan’s rollout, “This global pandemic has also demonstrated again how interconnected we are. We have to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years. The Great Reset will require us to integrate all stakeholders of global society into a community of common interest, purpose and action.”

In other words, the WEF, with ample support from several U.S. Fortune 500 CEOs, high-ranking Chinese Communist Party officials, a bevy of environmental and social justice warriors, and a hodgepodge of others, wants to wave a magic wand and instantly implement a new world order.

Based on his past comments, Joe Biden, if elected to the presidency in four months, must be champing at the bit to jump onboard the Great Reset bandwagon. Who knows, maybe he could find a seat next to thePrince of Wales or UN Secretary-General António Guterres, two other vocal advocates of the Great Reset.


To date, the Great Reset is a mishmash of global calls for social justice. However, that does not mean we should take it lightly. Given the powerful organizations and prominent people who are supporting it so strongly, the Great Reset could be coming sooner than you think. Especially if Joe Biden wins the White House this fall.

So, in short, what would this new world order entail? Brace yourself.

According to Schwab, “We only have one planet and we know that climate change could be the next global disaster with even more dramatic consequences for humankind. We have to decarbonize the economy in the short window still remaining and bring our thinking and behavior once more into harmony with nature.” That statement alone should at least make you question the veracity of this new world order.

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales described the Great Reset as, “In order to secure our future and to prosper, we need to evolve our economic model and put people and planet at the heart of global value creation. If there is one critical lesson to learn from this crisis, it is that we need to put nature at the heart of how we operate. We simply can’t waste more time.” What does that even mean?


Guterres painted the Great Reset as “a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call. We must build more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change and the many other global changes we face.” Put another way, Guterres believes we need to implement social justice on a global scale, and the Great Reset is just the thing to do it.

Most befitting of the Great Reset’s shallowness, Schwab said, “A Great Reset is necessary to build a new social contract that honors the dignity of every human being. The global health crisis has laid bare the unsustainability of our old system in terms of social cohesion, the lack of equal opportunities and inclusiveness. Nor can we turn our backs on the evils of racism and discrimination. We need to build into this new social contract our intergenerational responsibility to ensure that we live up to the expectations of young people.”

Since when do we live up to the expectations of young people? Young people lack wisdom, trust me, I used to be one. Rather, shouldn’t we live up to the expectations of our sage elders?


And there you have it in a nutshell. The Great Reset is another attempt at a new world order. Historically, America has viewed global government and new world orders with abundant skepticism. Will this trend continue? Or will the United States give up its sovereignty, abandon its principles, and join the elitists’ global parade/charade for social justice and the elimination of fossil fuels? Only time will tell.

Chris Talgo (ctalgo@heartland.org)is an editor at The Heartland Institute.

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